How To: Sign-up for a Paypal Account

Monday, March 13, 2017

When I started blogging, earning from the content I was making never crossed my mind. I mean, how could it when all I was posting was cringe-worthy overly dramatic, overly personal posts? LOL. I still have those posts on my drafts to look back to when I need a good laugh. Anyway, since I started having a niche and focusing on them, a few sponsored proposals also started coming in. Most of the brands I've worked with when I started earning from this blog were based in the US. We would typically work out a deal and their primary and preferred mode of payment would always be Paypal.

I was lucky because when I was still a student, I would teach English to Japanese and Korean students and also got paid through Paypal which is why this was never a problem for me. But if you've never had your bout with Paypal--this series will be perfect for you! I've been getting a lot of questions on my lately on how I get paid when I get sponsored jobs so I thought of doing a technical, a bit boring how-to guide on the basics of how I get paid--and with it comes a new how-to category! And to begin this series let's start with--how to set-up your Paypal account!

Okay, so this one's easy but I still find people asking me how to do it. So for the purpose of linking to something I personally created, I'm starting off with these. Pardon the boring screenshots! Couldn't think of a way on how to make these more interactive, huhu. But if you have any ideas, hit me up in the comments section. For now, let's begin!

1. Go to and click sign up. 
2. Next, click get started. You can click either of the two. 

3. Select your country and choose the e-mail address and password you'd want to associate with your Paypal account. 
4. Fill out the necessary information. Be careful with the details!

5. Click, I'll do it later. (Details on a separate post.)

6. And voila! You've already setup your Paypal account!
See, you'd only have to go through 6 easy steps. At least for this part of signing up, there's no fee--YET. Later on as I discuss more about linking your card, withdrawing your money, etc.--I will incorporate the necessary fees attached to each specific transaction. I will also do a separate post on linking your card to your Paypal account which is why for the purpose of this tutorial, we chose the option, "I'll do it later." I know this is very simple but again, I'm doing it for the purpose of sending this link to those who are specifically asking me how to do it. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message or leave a comment below. Have a great week, lovelies!

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