Crab N' Crew : Unlimited Crab for P699!

Thursday, March 09, 2017

It's quite common to have Lechon during celebrations at home--like birthdays, fiesta's or something momentous that calls for a big meal that can be shared within the family, sometimes with neighbors and friends, too. But in my household, it's usually Seafood. And while we get Lechon every now and then, Seafood is the preferred cuisine when it comes to celebrations. You know we're celebrating something big when you see humongous crabs on the table--which sort of blew my obsession with crabs way out of proportion. 

We all know how Crab can be pretty expensive here in Manila. And while we always have Dampa to go to, prices can be a bit steep too. Which is why I was more than ecstatic when I learned about Crab N' Crew! They offer Unlimited Crabs for only P699! It comes with unlimited serving or rice and iced tea, too! The boyfriend isn't as fond when it comes to Crabs and Shell fish because he doesn't like doing the dirty work. But even he was ecstatic when he found out we'l' be dining at Crab N' Crew!

The Place
Crab N' Crew is conveniently located along Visayas Avenue. it's not difficult to spot since it has a huge signage upfront. You can opt to park in front of the establishment but the owner recommended we park at the basement parking since there were incidents of theft right outside the establishment. Once you get seated, they'll secure your table with clear wrap then top it wit some sort of Japanese paper--perfect for eating with your hands! Which is exactly what they want you to do--get your hands dirty while enjoying fresh seafood. Because how else can one enjoy seafood??

The Food 
Aside from Unlimited Crab, the place also offers a variety of seafood bags and other seafood dishes--from shrimp to clams to oysters! And don't worry about getting your hands dirty, they have plastic gloves so you don't get that stench on your hands. We were served with three dipping sauces ; vinegar, garlic butter and chili oil. The chili oil was hands down my favorite and I was surprised to know it was the original recipe of one of the owners. 

A whole tub of crab was served on our first batch. They serve more once they see you're running out of crabs to devour, lol. I was satisfied because most of the crabs we got were really good. The filled-with-aligue kind of good and the aligue-oozing-out kind of satisfying. Of course in a batch you don't expect everything to be as perfect as the rest. We also got a couple of crabs who were skinny (lol, not sure of the term) and barely had aligue in them. But overall, the batch that was given to us served us well, haha. 

Would we come back? Definitely! As of the moment, I'm not familiar with any other seafood place that offers unlimited crab at this price. I feel relieved knowing that whenever I crave for Crab and can't go home to my Mom's home-cooked crabs, Crab N' Crew will always be there to satiate my intense obsession with seafood, haha. Let me know if you get to try the place out. I'm a sucker for crabs, really. I might just tag along--only if it doesn't creep you out!

Budget : P300 - P500/person
11AM - 10PM | 02 7093740
77 Visayas Avenue, Vasra, Near Project 6
Crab n' Crew Restobar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
What's your favorite Crab dish?

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