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Monday, February 27, 2017

I'm a lazy person, I think every body knows that. This comes especially taxing whenever I have to buy new clothing items for certain events. For example going to the beach, attending a wedding, etc. And with the horrendous traffic and growing amount of number in malls during weekends, you can't expect me to go out just to buy one piece of clothing! I mean, I'm not just lazy--I'm also practical. THANK GOD FOR ONLINE SHOPPING!

I've been obsessed with online shopping for as long as I can remember. One problem though that I seem to experience every time is that the clothes mostly seem generic. If I were to spend money on something I'd see for the first time upon delivery, I have to make sure it's worth every penny. That's where Stylewe comes in. Stylewe is an online shopping platform featuring different independent fashion designers. They're committed to providing shoppers with original, high-quality and exclusive fashion products from independent designers which is why it won't be impossible to fall in love at first sight. I took the liberty of picking a few designs from the site to give you amazing outfits you can find from their site!

We've all been feeling the summer heat lately, let's admit it. Two weeks of awesome cold weather and now we have the complete opposite! But at the bright side, it's also the perfect opportunity for Rompers. Rompers are the perfect outfit during summer because not only are they casual, they're also pretty easy to pair with anything! You can do flats, you can do flip-flops, you can do sandals--the possibilites are endless!

Since I've become more active in writing, I have been invited to several events and sometimes I find myself not having the right attire for the event, lol. I mostly have super formal/office dresses or really casual for-the-beach type dresses, no in between! While looking at Stylewe's website, I fell in love with so many party dresses--particularly in Royal Blue. I recently wore a royal blue balloon skirt to a wedding and I just realized how classy it can make an outfit look. 

Aside from events, weddings are one to many of the things I've been attending lately. Just for January and February, I think I've already attended 4 weddings in total. And while I of course want to look sexy in my dress, I couldn't compromise the food which is why I love going for Maxi style dresses. I can look sexy and classy but at the same time still get to eat anything I want from the buffet table, lol!

I know I said I'm currently on a tight budget but I can't resist putting a couple of items on my cart. But of course I made sure these clothing pieces can be used over and over. Most of the clothes in Stylewe are! They're not only stylist but they're also very functional. If you happen to look at their amazing designs, let me know which one tickles your fancy! I'm currently looking for new pairs to wear for yet another wedding, haha!

DISCLAIMER : This is a sponsored post. All thoughts expressed on this article are my own.

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