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Friday, February 24, 2017

 I love the fact that I've been getting a lot of sponsorship opportunities lately, and that most of them really cater to my audience, and of course, me! I try to make each post as personal as possible so as not to lose touch that you're still reading x post based on the thoughts of a real person. But somehow when I look at all the posts I've done, I feel there's something missing when I scroll through my blog's feed. Then I realize I haven't been posting about what I've been up to lately! Despite the blog focusing on food and travel, I'd still want to make it a point to post about what's going on with me lately. 

This blog started as a personal blog and I love putting in bits and pieces of what's happening to me every once in a while. I also like looking back to the things I've posted, nostalgia yknow. And what's the point of all these food reviews and travels if I don't even get to read about what's been happening to me some xx years later? Lol, and yes, I do read my blog--quite often actually. Is that weird? Anyway, I think it has been months since my last quick update, so let me take you in on a few things that happened to me this February!

1. Valentines date with the boyfriend!
Prior to being a relationship with this guy, I never really celebrated Valentines Day 'cause I've always seen it as a capitalist social construct. Man, but this guy--he just makes me do things I didn't imagine ever doing, haha! Last year he surprised me with a Japanese feast (my favorite), balloons and flowers at the roof deck of their home in Tagaytay. I'm not used to shit like that, so this year, I decided to surprise him instead. Haha! Nothing fancy, just an all-out romantic dinner at Resorts World Manila called Dine Under The Stars--and he loved it. I also loved it because I did it 2 weeks before V-day, haha! No horrible traffic anywhere and prices are 3x cheaper than the actual V-day, lol. Will also post about this soon!

2. Exploring Korean Skin care. 
I'm currently experiencing the worst breakout of my life. Before this tragedy hit me, I would always go into the office without makeup on--just my cheek tint and lip tint. Oh, and my baby powder. My friends would actually laugh at my kikay kit, But now, I have to put concealer and foundation to cover up my scars because my job is client-facing, huhu. Around June last year, I started breaking out like crazy. I'm on my 7th month of jumping from one dermatologist to another because they can't seem to figure out the cause. I've lost a lot of money, and now, I'm in the process of testing Korean Skin care products after thorough research. They're expensive AF, but so far, my skin's reacting positively. More about this when I finally gather the courage to post about my acne story!

3. Eating healthy. 
Ever since my skin broke out last year, I've been trying to eat healthy. For a few months, I always insisted my diet had nothing to do with it since it has always been that way. But hey, what do I know? I guess my body chemistry change and it does now. With that, I've been making my own home-cooked meals to be sure that I only consume things that will eventually help me get rid of this horrendous breakout. 

4. Reuniting with a friend. 
After almost 8 years of not seeing each other, one of my best buds from college finally came back to the Philippines! She moved to NY after graduation and we haven't seen each other ever since. We stayed in contact of course, but nothing beats having to see her in the flesh--and hugging the guts out of her 'cause I missed her so much. 

5. Condo hunting!
I know, I know, at this age I should've accomplished more, right? I believe we all progress at our own pace. I have responsibilities at home which is why it took me several years before finally deciding to buy my own place. And it is damn hard! Primarily because I really want a house. No matter how nice the interiors are, I just can't seem to see myself investing money in a shoe box. But yknow, it's the most practical and feasible option as of the moment since most business districts are located either in Makati, BGC or Ortigas. Prices are sky high but we all gotta adult somehow. 

6. Unlimited Crab!
The boyfriend and I recently reviewed this amazing place that offers unlimited crab for such an affordable price. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you'd already know the place. But if not, stay tuned because I'll be posting it in a few weeks. Ack, yes, sorry. In a few weeks because I still have a ton of back logs to finish, hehe.

7. Eating sushi and sashimi!
Because I've been saving up for my own place, one of the things I had to cut back was my Japanese food budget, lol. Before, the boyfriend and I would make it a point to eat Sashimi at least once a week. And you know how the prices go. Last weekend though, my sister who's studying in Baguio decided to visit me here and I think it was the perfect occasion for some sashimi, haha.

8. In love with the boyfriend's nephew. 
I've always said that I love babies--but only if they're not mine. That still rings true to this day. The boyfriend's sister-in-law gave birth to this adorable baby in December. And we've been babysitting him as much as we can during weekends. It's been 4 months of interesting weekends with this cutiepatootie, and to be honest, I don't mind the milk he pukes on me every time he gets too full. Or when he farts quietly it stinks up the whole room, haha!

9. New friends!
Last year, I joined an event in the office and had a chance to know these amazing individuals. My job is in no way related to theirs, heck I don't even speak the kind of technical language they do. One person from the group does Mathematics (which I hate,btw), and the others are on IT and Electronics Engineering, lol. But to the core, we do have a couple of similarities and that's knowing how to have a good time which we've been doing quite a lot lately, haha. Cheers to new friends!

And there you have it. I know I said quick update, but I just realized there's so much I haven't been sharing with you guys. Not that a lot of people would read this. But, as always my question would be, would I read this xxx years after? And the answer is yes. I don't just solely write for the people who read my blog, I also write for myself. Is that weird? Either way, it makes me happy. I just hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do. 'Til next time, lovelies!

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