P99 Sushi Rolls at Ta-Ke Ho Me Sushi Stand

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My blogging calendar is way out of schedule, that it even surprises me how I can still upload posts despite the insane timeline, haha! I remember starting off with my Discover Davao series towards the end of November but halfway through the series, I started posting recipes and food discoveries. I apologize for the inconsistenies! I promise to get my shit back together during the Christmas break!

As of this writing, I'm on my last day at work. Last hustle and bustle before I finally end this year, yay! And before I do, I find it apt that I share this before I finally cap the year off, lol. The boyfriend and I visited this Sushi joint a few months back. Right around October if I remember correctly, because it was after we had a 2-week vacation in El Nido. We love Filipino food to death, but once we landed here in Manila, we both just looked at each other and immediately knew that we had to have our Sushi and Sashimi fix! I've been reading all the rave about Ta Ke Ho Me Sushi Stand because of their unbelievably cheap sushi rolls. And since we wanted Japanese food but didn't exactly have the budget (our funds were depleted in El Nido, heh), we decided to give it a go. 

The place isn't big; the place where you order is air-conditioned but it inside seating is limited. There are seats outside, but you share it with diners from 3 other food stalls in the area. There's is ample parking, at least when we visited because that was a Sunday. It's easy to find because it's just in front of ABS-CBN's main building, and I fondly remember the place since I used to work there. We decided to be seated outside since it makes great lighting for blog photos--but we eventually realized not really 'cause it was starting to get dark, lol. 

We ordered Spicy Tuna (P99), TKHM Roll (P99) and Salmon 10s (P190). Most of the rolls that they have either have torched, cooked or smoked fish--which we don't like. We prefer raw fish with our rolls which is why our order was pretty limited. So, let's begin with the Spicy Tuna. For P99, you get 8pcs of Sushi, and it's main ingredients would be Tuna and Panko. The flavor was actually good but I felt like it had too much rice and so little tuna I could barely taste each bite. As for the TKHM Roll, it has Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Bonito. I have a personal bias when it comes to salmon served any other way but raw. To be fair, I asked the boyfriend about this and he said it was so-so. 

Last but not the least, of course we won't walk out of a Sushi place without getting Sashimi! At P190 for 10 small pieces, it was a rip off. We've had better and cheaper Salmon Sashimi in other places. The Salmon wasn't as fatty as we expected it to be, and it was served on some paper serving plate, which absorbs whatever moisture the fish has left in it. I don't necessarily hate it, but I don't love it as well.

Would we go back? Maybe. I mean for the price, it does satiate your craving despite the limited menu. The thing though is, we prefer Sashimi more than Sushi or Nigiri. Personally, I like savoring the flavor of the fish as is without anything in it except the occassional soy sauce and Wasabi. But for those who would want to try Sushi with a limited budget? This place is perfect for you. You can start with the smoked and torched stuff first and ease in to raw fish along the way. And if anything, I was insanely obsessed with their presentation! Despite being placed in paper serving plates, we have to give it to them--their presentation was gorgeous. I've attached a video of our experience for reference! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel, lol shameless plugging!

Currently, I'm on the quest for the perfect Japanese restaurant that's both a winner when it comes to taste and budget. I've so much more places to share with you guys, I'm just moderating my posts because this is a food blog, not a Japanese food blog, lol! And I also understand that not everyone fancies Japanese food. Buuuuut, it's also my goal to have everyone who reads my blog try all sorts of cuisine and expand their palates! Here's to sharing more food with everyone! Christmas is fast approaching, can't believe it's just 5 days away, Hope you guys are having an awesome holiday! XOXO

Ta-Ke Ho Me Sushi Stand 
Budget - P100 / person
+63 9778578744 | 11AM - 9PM 
52 Sgt. Esguerra Ave (near Tomas Morato), South Triangle, Quezon City
Ta Ke Ho Me Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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