Food Diary : ROKU Sushi + Ramen

Monday, November 28, 2016

As I type this, I'm already drooling just by looking at the photos. I had to satisfy myself by watching Youtube videos of sushi and sashimi while I still can't go out of the office--ahh, what a torture! Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I had a movie date with my sisters at Cine Adarna in UP. We watched Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa, and I had a minor flashback and recollection. The movie reminded me why I loved film so much, and why I chose to direct a movie in college. When I think about it now, I find it funny because life doesn't really go the way we want it to. I would've wanted to pursue film after graduation if only money wasn't a problem and if only I didn't have any responsibilities with my family, lol. No regrets though, I'm in a good place and I've helped my family since I started working so we good, bruh. 

Moving ooooon, I asked my sister (who's still studying in UP Diliman) if she knew any Japanse restaurant that has Sashimi and she told us we should try ROKU. We got a bit lost on our way to the place because it is located inside a building. More on that as I discuss the place. Let's begin!

As mentioned earlier, ROKU is located at Oracle Hotel Building. While on our way, Waze told us we've reached our location but we couldn't find it. We decide to move forward a little bit more until Waze recalculated the route and we finally found our way to Oracle. The place was quiet, simple and pretty straightforward. You can choose to be seated at a table or at the counter for a legit Japanese experience! Parking wasn't a hassle as well because we were able to easily find a place for the car. I just think the parking space was a bit small though; we got the last slot so I think we're lucky. But still makes me think how it'll look like when it's packed. Service was okay. The staff was very responsive and our orders did come quite fast. One order though took quite a while. If I remember correctly, it was the ROKU rolls. But other that, everything's all good.

For starters we had Sake Sushi (P129) and Sake Sashimi (P219); there wasn't anything super special about it since the price was standard and the taste was pretty generic as well. My Sister ordered Kani Salad and Beef Shoyu (P279). She personally loved the Kani Salad because it wasn't swimming in Mayonnaise. Up next we had Salmon Donburi (P229) and Chicken Katsudon (P219). I usually prefer my Salmon Raw but the Salmon Donburi just proved that Salmon is best enjoyed both ways. The Chicken Katsudon tasted okay because the chicken was tender and the sauce was perfect. 

And last but not the last, we just had to try their rolls. ROKU prides themselves of having a variety of rolls that will surely fill you to the brim. We decided to try ROKU Roll (P259) and Krazy Kani Roll (P199). Roku Rolls are a combination of Salmon and Tuna topped with Japanese Mayo. I loved it! I don't usually like combining Mayo and soy sauce but this combo was a winner. I also loved the Krazy Kani Roll, It's like a cheap version of the typical spicy tuna salad, but this version of course has (fake) crab meat, but has the same level of spiciness nonetheless. Oh, and before I forget, we also order Ebi Tempura (P369). Almost forgot about it because just like the taste, it was forgettable. 

Would I come back? Yes! They have so many rolls I've yet to try. Nothing really remarkable nor something I'd always go back to; but my curiosity as to the different kinds of sushi rolls they have would keep me going for a long time. I'm attaching a video of my experience so that you guys can have a more visual look at the place. If you like the video, please give me a thumbs up; leave a comment if you have any recommendations on which restaurant I should try next. And don't forget to subscribe to see more of my videos! Have a great week ahead! 

ROKU Sushi + Ramen 
Budget - P200 - P400 / person
(02) 3525780 | 11AM - 10PM
Fifth Floor, Oracle Hotel & Residences, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
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