I Started A Youtube Channel!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Heeeeeeeeeey! I'm anxious but excited at the same time as I type this. Remember the project I've told you guys about a few months ago? Well, I guess it's already obvious in the title. Yes, I've finally created a Youtube channel to sort of up my game and put myself out there some more. As if this blog isn't enough, lol! I know everybody's been getting on the Vlogging bandwagon lately, and I think it's awesome. You'll be surprised at how much you can find out about a person through their Youtube channels, hehe. It took me about 4 months before finally deciding to do this! Let me tell you the story. 

In July, well actually until now, I've been having terrible acne breakouts so I was searching Youtube for acne remedies. I'm not a Youtube person because I have a very short attention span; but eventually, I found myself clicking a video after another, watching makeup tutorials and practically wasting my time on Youtube, UGH! I was enjoying it and started imagining myself doing the same thing. And if you guys notice, I'm a pretty talkative person hence the lengthy posts; which is why I thought talking about anything under the sun ~on video~ would be the perfect avenue for me to level up my game! 

I'm talkative, yes. But I'm also very awkward. I did a dry run with Youtube for about 4 months, studying the ropes, learning about audience dynamics and what not. I'm not saying I did a full on research on it; I just wanted to make sure I know the platform before I completely immerse myself. Sooooo, a couple of weeks ago, I finally re-launched my channel! I've uploaded a couple of recipes and travelogues on Youtube in the past, but I did so only to treat Youtube as a video dump. I'm proud to say, I've completely revamped that!

I enjoy interacting with my subscribers on Youtube as much as I love talking to you guys! I previously hit the 200-subscriber mark, but since I created a new channel, I'm  now back to 25, lol. It's not bad because I love every bit of my little audience since they support my channel and help me become better as a content creator. With that, I invite you guys to visit my channel and come see the videos I've uploaded. My vlogging camera sucks, and I'm sometimes stuck with my iPhone, buuuut, I have a ton of food porn shots for you guys! And yes, even on my Youtube channel, I'm still focused on food because FOOD IS LOYFFFF! On this post I'm including one of the silly YT challenges I did with the boyfriend a few weeks ago. Please don't laugh at me? Or go ahead and laugh, but tell me why? Hahaha! I hope 4 months of preparation is enough to toughen me up if I ever get rude comments or dislikes. PS I won't be abandoning this blog! Each platform would offer a different take on the topics I usually tackle, hehe. Enjoy the video and please subscribe. See you guys on Youtube! :) 

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