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Friday, August 26, 2016

Hi, guys! It's been a while since I did a run down of the things I'm happy and thankful for since I've been crazy busy the past few months. But I realized this is the perfect time to do another listicle so before I procrastinate some more, let's begin!

1. I got a new job! Well, not a new new job but a sideline! I have to work hard because the lifestyle I decided on is expensive, lol. Actually, it's not even expensive. Cost of living here in Manila is just insane! You virtually pay for almost everything. I pay for my utilities, food, accommodation and even my safety aka my daily Uber rides. Hence, the new side job. 

2. I'm close to revealing my next project. Probably a few more tweaks here and there and I'll be ready for the big reveal! It's not much but it's a step closer to putting myself out there. :)

3. More restaurant reviews! I've been getting more and more invites to do food and restaurant reviews everyday! My only problem now is that I can't accommodate all of them since I also have a day job, and now, I also just got the other job. In the future I wish to be able to do what I love the most, eat good (or bad) food and talk about it. For now, I'd have to say no to some. 

4. My acne breakouts. And yes, I am thankful for these little and huge zits sitting on my face right now. If not for them, I wouldn't be pushed to really research on products that would work well for my oily and acne-prone skin. I have yet to visit a dermatologist but I've completely revamped my skin care routine and I can say it's working slowly but surely. But I'd also want to get myself checked. Any recommendations?

5. Our recent Divisoria trip! I got myself a couple of organizers that will help me redesign my room, or the condo in general. I've been living in the same condo for over 2 years now but somehow haven't found the time to decorate my living room, kitchen, bathroom etc. And Divisoria is just the perfect place to look for cute wall designs, mirrors, organizers and a lot more. I even got myself a few DIY arts and crafts. 

6. Living a minimalist lifestyle. Prior to implementing this mantra, I used to have a whole bunch of clutter beneath my queen-sized bed. I'm happy to report that those are all gone now! I was able to throw away a ton of stuff I've been keeping just because I love hoarding things. The ones I don't use, I've either sold in a garage sale or donated to someone. I've yet to clear up more space in my room; but up next, clothes, huhu!

7. Decorating my room. I tell you, my room is more basic than a basic bitch. I'm a lazy person and I hate putting up stuff for aesthetics purposes. I just like hoarding things, lol. But with my newfound minimalism, I've been utilizing more space in my room than ever. I was also able to free up a space that I can use for short workout sessions (as if!), haha. But now, I don't know why, it feels as if I want a zen-like place to come home to every night. No more clutter! #titasofmanila

8. Leveling up in Pokemon GO! I'm now a level 21 Pokemon trainer! I've been meaning to create an article about Pokemon GO because I've been a raving fan ever since forever. But I can't think of one that's not yet already out there, lol. If I discover something throughout my Poke journey, maybe I'll share it with you guys. For now, I need one more Eevee to I can evolve into Vaporeon. Any suggestions where I should go?

9. My sister's successful operation. Earlier this year, a huge cysts was observed on my sister's left breast. Good thing when the biopsy was done, they found out that it's just a benign cyst. She's in the process of recovery right now, but your prayers will be appreciated!

10. Celebrating my first year anniversary with the boyfriend! I can't believe it has been a year since I decided to say yes to love again. I know it's quite the cliche but you guys know the terrible past I've had to deal with. But anyway, I'll share a couple of photos maybe on my next blog post. Most of my photos were blurry because I was too happy that night. <3 p="">

What are the things that made you happy this week?

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