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Friday, June 17, 2016

Aaaah, it's finally Friday! And while I still have a busy weekend ahead of me, I'm still glad I'll be able to drink until the wee hours of the morning later. Well, not that I didn't do that last Wednesday; the only difference is, I get to stay in bed for 12hrs since it's a Saturday tomorrow. Yasssss! I'm thrilled to share with everyone some itty-bitty details about my week. Let's begin!

1. Writing opportunities. A few months ago, I decided to rekindle my love for writing by being active again in a certain site I used to write for. I also started blogging more about my food adventures and travels! I just have to schedule my posts and my blog will have consistent content in no time! Note to self : don't be seduced by food. Learn how to document first before taking a bite, lol!

2. Event invites! I've been receiving several invites to do food reviews and attend brand events lately. The food reviews I have no problem doing since it’s something I’m addicted to – taking photos and eating! The event invites on the other hand, I don’t attend most of them because I get intimidated by other attendees (i.e Fashion influencers, popular bloggers, etc,). I sort of have this feeling that I won’t fit in which is why I usually turn them down. Still thankful though for the opportunities though!

3. Savings and Investments! I’ve been saving for something for about two months now, and hopefully by August, I’ll be able to finally see the result of hours of sweat and blood, I kid, haha! I’ve been trying to spend less on Sashimi since it takes a whole lot on my monthly paycheck.

4. Made an amateur wedding video! The boyfriend’s brother got wed two weeks ago. I took a few clips here and there and put it all together, it’s like our gift for the newlyweds, haha. Since we’re both saving up for something, we had to be creative with our wedding gift! I’m attaching the video; let me know what you think! 

5. I found the perfect wedding song. Having had to attend several weddings over the past few months, I’ve come to realize I haven’t thought of my own wedding song yet—the kind of song that will spark every bit of emotion in my body. One day at work while listening to Spotify, a suggested song caught my attention—I almost cried. It captures everything I want to feel and have on my wedding. Not that I’m getting married anytime soon, but I’m lining up songs because, well, it’s fun. 

6. Rekindling my love for drinking. I love drinking! My love affair with alcohol started in college since Baguio seemed like the perfect haven to train an alcoholic padawan. I started to drink less when I was working for IBM since I couldn’t find the energy to do so after a tiring shift at work. But since my new company allows a steady stream of work-life balance, I’ve been drinking for 4 straight days now! If I drink today, well then I get a complete attendance for the week. Health-wise I know it’s not the best stress reliever, so I’ll probably give my body some rest next week. 

7. Spearheading a project at work. I’m loving a lot of things at work lately. Since my last project was a success, I was tasked to lead a pretty huge IT-related project. It’s tedious and tiring since I don’t know shit about technical side of the project. But I’m more than thankful because I have a bunch of awesome technical leads to help me out in that area. 

8. I have a work crush! Well, I only have one work crush, really, since I joined the company. This lad had been on my radar (lol), 3 months into joining the company, haha! Of course I forgot about him when I got into a relationship (Hi, boyfriend!). But I’ve had a chance to work with him in the past few weeks and hang out with him at a certain company event, which sort of rekindled my fascination with him. DISCLAIMER :  ♪ ♫ It’s just a little crush, not like I faint every time we touch. ♪ ♫

9. This song! I friend on Twitter posted this, and can I just say the cover art is lulzy full of awesome? Haha! It reminds me of the songs my parents used to listen to on Sundays!

10. OITNB later! Ah, the pleasure of watching a whole season of your favorite series over the weekend. Thank you, Netflix! The weather is cooperating too! We’ve been experiencing a little rain over the past few days which automatically translates to horrendous traffic, which is why staying in would be the perfect weekend activity. I miss my bed already!

And there you have it. This week was indeed full of fun things and surprises! I can’t wait to start the weekend and deal with everything else in between. I don’t know where all this enthusiasm is coming from. Might be the alcohol, lol! Have a lovely weekend, folks!

How was your week?

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