Conquering Cebu : Tan-Awan, Oslob

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

As I was writing my Conquering Cebu travel series, I felt muddled on how I should proceed with the categorization of my posts. I wasn't sure If I should go per location or per destination. But since I started with introducing Poblacion, Osblob, I thought I should proceed with Tan-Awan; only to realize that some of the destinations deserve their own respective posts. So now, I will tell you more about Tan-Awan, but will separately publish the amazing destinations you can find there. 

Basically, this is just about the place we stayed in and how much we spent while we were there. At the end of this series, I'll try to make a detailed account of out itinerary and expenses. I would like to say that the boyfriend is the best travel accessory, lol. I remember reading something under the lines of, "The person you love is the best travel accessory." or something to that effect. Which is true, in my case, because he listed down all of the expenses we had. And it's not only useful for blogging purposes, it also accounts for how much money we spent on food, transportation, accommodation, etc. 

As mentioned in my previous post, the Habal-habal that drove us around Poblacion is also the same driver who helped us find a resort. We finished touring Poblacion around 6PM, right around the time of the sunset. It was extremely satisfying to drive around in a motorcycle while watching the sunrise. It was starting to get dark which is why we felt that we didn't have enough time to scour for a place for the night. We settled in on the first one that we saw; which is something we've learned from. Never ever settle, just like in life, right? LOL. We decided to stay at MB's Sunrise View Resort

We were told that they only had one room available, and after travelling for almost 6 hours, we took it. The room was priced at P1500, and it had 2 beds. One queen-sized bed and one single bed, for your third wheel, haha. The only good thing about the room is the location; once you step outside, you immediately get a great view of the sea. The walls looked dirty; good thing the sheets were clean. The toilet wasn't working, no hot/cold shower, the sink was also faulty. Thankfully, we also didn't have any problems with the A/C. 

The resort offers food but the options were limited. One of our goals prior to taking the Cebu trip was to have an amazing gastronomic experience which is why we felt disappointed with the resort. Most of the food items they offer are very similar to the ones we have here in Manila. We decided to eat at a different restaurant, which I'll be talking about on my next blog post.  

Aside from all the not-so-good things about the resort, one of the things we liked about the resort is convenience. They offer a whale tour package which was appropriate for us. They also had underwater camera rentals, and that was something we also wanted to avail of. The view of the sea was stunning. We woke up at 6AM the next day in time for our Whale Shark Watching activity and the sunrise was breath-taking. They also have a restaurant facing the sea, which is just about the best lunch view you can get. A pool is also available at your disposal; but who has time to swim in the pool when you've got the ocean to play with?

Would I stay there again? No. I was surprised by the number of resorts that offer Whale Shark watching packages including underwater camera rentals. We shouldn't have settled with the first resort that we saw just because we were exhausted because it's definitely not worth our money. These experiences though are not all that bad. I'm finding these lessons useful for future travels. The boyfriend and I have an imaginary ~experience credit card~. Whenever something unpleasant happens during our travels, we just tell ourselves, "Let's charge it to our experience card." Haha! During our Oslob trip, we maxed out our experience card due to insufficient research but it was all good. Most of the mistakes we committed in Cebu were avoided in Davao, so that's proof that we were able to pay our experience card debt, haha!

On my next post, I'll try to talk about this amazing restaurant we tried prior to our Whale Shark watching activity. Also up next would be Tumalog Falls and the actual experience of being able to swim with the Whale Sharks. Can't wait! 

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  1. Without a doubt, Cebu has a lot to offer :) I love how beautiful your view is ♥