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Monday, February 15, 2016

Hey, everyone! This will be a quick update because I'll be gone for a while. Work has been really crazy; but again, it's the good kind of crazy. Offline and online life has also been extremely busy due to several events I've committed myself to, lol. So here's what's up, aside from the numerous food trips I've been to lately!

1. The boyfriend and I went to the UP fair last week. Contrary to last year's schedule wherein I attended all days of the concert, the boyfriend and I only attended Wednesday and Thursday's line up. Since he brought me to Paskuhan last December and toured me around UST, I thought it was high time I show him around my school. 

2. Seeing my favorite bands again! Some of the bands I really love weren't in this year's lineup, huhu. Hello, Giniling Festival! But I'm glad I was able to watch Pedicab, Join the Club, UDD and Sandwich all over again. I wasn't really a fan of Spongecola until I saw them perform last Thursday. Yael was phenomenal! I posted live snaps while watching, hihi. 

3. Taking lovey to his first fair! Going to the UP Fair involved a lot of firsts for the boyfriend. If you follow me on Snapchat, you'll see his delighted face. He tried most of the games and thoroughly enjoyed everything, lol! He felt accomplished every time he would hand me a prize from all his winnings, haha! Such a cutie! He was also giddy while trying most of the rides!

4. Trying a new Korean restaurant. I blogged about it here, so not much to say. 

5. Valentine's day surprise from the Pastorals.  Not just from the boyfriend but from the whole family! I'm the only one who hasn't been treated to a Pastoral Valentine and they made sure I enjoyed it. Collaborative effort from the boyfriend and his brothers! I'm not one to expect Valentine's surprises but this sweet of a gesture right in front of me, I couldn't be more thankful! 

6. I'm going to Davao tomorrow! As a post-valentines treat to ourselves? LOL! If you have any recommendations on where to eat, where to go, what to do and what to see, let me know on Twitter! I can access my blog but sometimes comments take a while to load; and since this is happening tomorrow, your recommendations will be most accommodated on Twitter. 

That's about it for me. I'll be getting back on Friday, and going straight to work, haha! What a vacation, right? I'll try to minimize my time online since I'd like to be able to spend quality time with the boyfriend. Plus, work on Friday sucks! Should've taken the whole week off! Hope you guys have an awesome week. Despite my crazy schedule, I'm pretty sure I'll have the time of my life!

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