I Am Kim : Unlimited Bibimbap And More for P250

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I'm not even surprised I'm blogging about another buffet. I was frustrated about something yesterday and I decided the best way to deal with it was to stuff myself with food. I know, how mature. I wanted something relatively cheap, but will leave me full, unable to speak another word about my frustration. I initially went to Sambokojin and I was surprised to find out their all-you-can eat buffet has the same price as Vikings and DAD's. And nope, if I wanted that, I would've gone to Vikings instead. I also dropped by Cabalen, their buffet price was at P398, but the food didn't look enticing. 

I remember seeing a Korean buffet on Facebook and thought we should try the place, haha! I told you guys we're addicted to all-you-can-eat shit. The stuff that I mostly see are sponsored posts/targeted ads. Facebook is kind of creepy in knowing me all too well. 

It's the first time I've heard of a restaurant named I Am Kim. I checked the photos on their Facebook page including the reviews and it seemed like they're well received by consumers since they mostly get good feedback especially for their Bibimbap. The Unlimited Bibimbap + Korean Buffet is originally priced at P499. But since Valentine's Day is happening this week, they're slashing 50% off the price. Which means you can have a taste of the Unlimited Bibimbap + Korean Buffet for only P250! Now, let's talk about my dining experience!

I Am Kim is located near my office but we went there on a holiday so that's not relevant. It's also close to my house which is why I opted to dine there since we didn't have a lot of cheap options in Megamall, hehe. The setup looks a lot like a cafeteria; they have a small buffet table and a lot of seats for customers. It was also riddled with cute wall paintings. Just weird that for a Korean restaurant they were playing crappy OPM. Not that I'm against OPM, just the kind that they were playing. 

The Korean buffet was crappy. They only had about 10-12 available dishes, and that includes rice and soup. I didn't take photos anymore 'cause the food honestly looked unappetizing. From what I recall, they had the following : Korean Beef Stew, Korean Beef Balls, Korean Dumplings, Sushi Rolls, Japchae, Rice, two types of Kimchi, Sweet Potato fries, Korean Noodles and Korean Chicken. I ate about a plate of whatever is in their buffet and proceeded to order Bibimbap instead. If you will avail of the buffet, I would say it's worth it because of the unlimited Bibimbap. They serve it in a medium-sized bowls, and the flavor is impeccable! Price range for Bibimbap is about P240 - P360 for ala carte serving, but of course if you avail of the all-you-can-eat buffet, you can have a taste of everything they have at P250!

The staff who assisted us all throughout was very friendly and helpful! It was just a bit surprising when we came in because there was a big tarp saying their buffet is priced at P499 (Korean Buffet + Bibimbap) when it explicitly states on their Facebook page that from February 8 - February 12, it's 50% off which takes it down to P250. He was a bit clueless when we were asking about it, but proved to be very accommodating once he confirmed the details with his manager. He was also telling us the difference between dishes and suggested some of their best sellers. 

Would I go back? Maybe for an ala carte serving of Bibimbap but not for the Korean Buffet + Unlimited Bibimbap. For the original price of P499, they could do better with their Korean buffet. if there's something that can justify the price, it may as well be their delectable selection of Bibimbap. Their Single Pay Half To Get Full promo runs from Feb. 8 to Feb. 12. The boyfriend and I thought they were strict in implementing the 'single' rule so we stopped holding hands to be sure we just pay P250, hahaha! Such cheapskates. Anyway, let me know if you try this out. Make sure you give their Bibimbap variety a shot! It's worth every penny.

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