Spicy Tuyo Pesto Pasta

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I haven't capped 2015 off but here I am endlessly posting about my food adventures. I've been spending my 2016 scouring for the latest all-you-can-eat buffets, or cooking up something relatively new to excite my palate. The prodigal daughter is also returning to her kitchen. I've been experimenting on different ingredients as of late to expand the variety of taste I'm accustomed to. 

This year, to trick myself into drinking more water, I've decided to literally add more spice to whatever it is I'm cooking or eating. I know I'm not the only one who doesn't like water; it's boring, it doesn't taste like anything and I don't like it unless it's freezing cold. But even if it's freezing cold, I'll only take so much which is why I really have to 'trick' myself into drinking water. My skin has suffered irreparable damage because I don't drink enough water, plus I smoke. And I want to change that this year. With that, let me share this easy peasy recipe with you guys!

Pasta (whatever you prefer)
Bravo Pesto Sauce
Spicy Gourmet Tuyo
Salt and Pepper

1. Cook you’re your pasta according to package directions. I like colorful pasta because it makes my food enticing. I get bored if it only has one color, LOL. 
2. Once your pasta is cooked, add your ready-to-eat Pesto sauce. Add salt and pepper to taste if it’s too bland for you. I also added chilies. 
3. Top with hard-boiled eggs and spicy gourmet Tuyo! You can add as many Tuyo as you want!

I forgot the brand of the Spicy Gourmet Tuyo that I bought, but it wasn’t salty which is why it worked perfectly with the pasta sauce. The store-bought Pesto sauce tasted fresh, I love it. This is not a sponsored post but I highly recommend the brand Bravo. Calorie-wise, it’s also perfect for a person who’s on a diet. I compared the calorie content among other Pesto sauce in the supermarket and it had the lowest calorie count. 

There you have it, easy peasy! I whipped this up a few nights ago when I didn’t have enough time to make my baon. But I’m really trying to keep up to my resolution of bringing food to the office as much as I can so I know how my food is prepared. I also want to make sure I use up most of the ingredients I have at home. I get giddy all over when I’m in the supermarket and I have a tendency to overcompensate my excitement by buying things I don’t really need. That definitely has to change this year. And, less time on the computer and more time for cooking! Okay, I have to go and prepare my meal plan for next week, haha. This tasks thrill’s me terribly, LOL. Hope y’all are having an amazing Wednesday!

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