Food Diary : Kimono Ken

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I know I've said a gazillion times how much I love Japanese food, but can I just say it again? I LOVE JAPANESE FOOD to death! It wasn't in my late twenties that I became fond of Japanese food. When I was working in Technohub, my go-to place was Red Kimono. I was thrilled upon finding out that my next work location would be in Ortigas. Sadly, my office is a bit far from the central business district and the only Japanese place close to my office is Kimono Ken. 

Since my first day at the new job, I've eaten a thousand times at this restaurant. It's not the best but it satiates my craving for Sashimi. Lately though, due to the amount of Sashimi we consume every meal, the boyfriend and I would rather settle for all-you-can-eat buffets instead, LOL. I'll tell you more about our buffet adventures on my next post! For now, more on Kimono Ken!

Place + Service
The place is spacious enough, and given the number of times I've had my meals here, the temperature is always on point. Waiters/Waitresses are friendly--I even have one resident staff who takes and serves my orders all the time. Amongst the restaurants that I frequent, they're also the ones who care to remember my name. Well, aside from Starbucks. Service is also prompt most of the time, given the number of customers they get, especially during lunch time. 

Here's a rundown of the things I usually order. On top of my list would always, always be Salmon Sashimi (P285), Shoyu Ramen (P250), Moyashi Ramen (P230), Uni Sushi (P180), Spam Maki (P140), Ebi Tempura (P410) and Chicken Teriyaki (P230). Some photos are not included in this post. My top favorites would be the Salmon Sashimi because of the filling cut and freshness, the Spam Maki - made of spam, tamago and ebigo california style, Chicken Teriyaki - because the sauce is THE bomb and Ebi Tempura - because that's what prawns are made of. They also serve free house tea, which is perfect for when you're too full to even walk. Which is what happens to me every time I enter a Japanese restaurant, LOL. 

This post was due last week but due to the amount of work I've had to deal with, I forgot about it! Work is okay. I'm not backlogged so to speak. The first month of the year is usually the busiest for me since this is when I facilitate strategic planning sessions and leadership camps, not to mention my own team's strategic planning! After this busy month, I'll start working on my Cebu travel series because I'm thrilled to share my experience during out trip at the awesome Queen City of the South! For now, back to work. Have a productive Tuesday!

Kimono Ken
Budget - P150 - P300 / person
(02) 4702647 | 10AM - 10PM
Ground Floor, Tower 1, Rockwell Business Centre, Ugong, Pasig City
Kimono Ken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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