Friday's 10 Happy Things | 6

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I know I haven’t been updating this personal space on the intarwebz; but that’s only because real life has been crazy. And I mean crazy in a good way. I’ve been going out a lot not just with the boyfriend but with his family. We had a lovely girl’s night out last week at La Vie Parisienne. I intended to review the place while at it but I was too overwhelmed with all the wine choices, so I opted to enjoy the experience first and review it some other time. 

This week has been equally crazy; both at work and in my personal life. I’ve been spending more time with my colleagues who are about to leave the company. I’ve also been doing a lot of effort in developing new training materials to be used this year. So far, I’m certainly enjoying creating culture modules because of the deeper understanding you develop in knowing different countries. With that, here are the things I’m grateful for this week. 

  1. The boyfriend sleeping over twice this week; which also means he was able to take me to work and fetch me from the office. 
  2. Constantly cooking my meals. I’ve bringing food for lunch since last week, and not only does it save me a lot of money, it also helps me satiate whatever it is I’m craving for. 
  3. Not missing meals! Since I’ve been cooking my own food, I’ve been more determined not to miss breakfast, lunch or dinner. One of my resolutions for the year to also be healthier. Doing great so far!
  4. Meal planning for two weeks now. I’m glad this now comes naturally. Last year, I would usually buy too much food and end up wasting most of it. But now, I have improved and nothing is put to waste. Yay!
  5. Finishing two culture training materials in one week. I enjoy developing training materials, but culture by far is my favorite. I worked on Argentina and Mexico this week; two countries with a vast similarity in their culture. 
  6. Re-discovering Tofu. I’ve used Tofu in a lot of my dishes this week. It may not look as appetizing to some but it’s a mean little ingredient. Bland on its own but mostly absorbs the flavor your marinate it into. 
  7. Integrating tea into my diet. I’ve noticed that my body functions better with tea than with coffee. I used to hate tea, but I’m glad I’ve grown quite accustomed to the taste. I’m starting with black/fruity teas, then moving on to stronger ones. 
  8. Decided to finally buy an action camera. Still doing my research if GoPro is worth the extra bucks because of the name. I’ve seen cheaper action cameras perform really well, which is why I’m making sure I do the necessary amount of research before making the purchase. 
  9. Getting Salmon belly from the boyfriend! He’s feeding me like a bear, LOL. 
  10. IT’S FINALLY FRIDAY. No matter how much learning I’ve had this week, can’t wait for the work week to be over because I lack sleep! I want to spend 2 days hibernating like the real bear that I am, and just wake up again on Monday, haha!

This has been a great week! I’m getting some more work done before I go home just so I won’t have anything to worry about over the weekend. Hit me up with your Friday’s 10 Happy Things too! Aah, can’t wait to reunite with my bed. Have an awesome weekend, folks!

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