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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

I'm a sucker for Asian food, every one knows that. And no, I'm not just talking about Filipino and Japanese, although I must say I have a huge bias on the two, hehe. During one of our Maginhawa expeditions, we were trying to avoid StrEAT Food Park as much as possible because I've seen the amount of people that flock the place and no, I won't subject myself to that. 

Fortunately when we passed by while looking for a place to eat, there weren't a lot of people! Then we realized it's a weekday, maybe that's why. We decided to give it a try since I've been dying to try the fancy Milkshakes at Lost Bread. When we got there, I was racing to get a table since I was expecting an influx of customers. Surprisingly, the place was chill, hehe. 

 I was impressed with the Beef Rendang + Rice (P159.00) and Laksa (P149.00), but no so much with the Fresh Spring Rolls(P99.00). According to the waiter, the Spring Rolls is one of their best sellers but it felt like a rip off. The sauce was bland and didn't even come close to what peanut sauce should taste like. The service was fast and the food was served immediately. If not for the service I wouldn't even recommend eating here. 

Last Friday, I went back to try other things on their menu. But this time, I tried their branch at Z Compound. I ordered the Pad Thai Combo (P219.00). The Pad Thai combo inlcludes Pad Thai (of course), 3pcs. Spring Rolls and your choice of Thai Iced Tea/Honey Calamansi; I went with the latter. The Pad Thai was just okay, nothing spectacular there. Surprisingly, the peanut sauce at Z Compound tasted better. The taste was still mediocre, but at that price, I guess you get what you pay for.

I still have plans of coming back despite the mediocre taste. I still have to try their Pho and Chicken Satay! Even if the food isn't that amazing, the waiters/waitresses are always friendly whether at StrEAT Food Park or Z Compound. I guess that's why I feel comfortable giving their food another chance. It was scorching hot when I went to Z Compound but my mood lightened up because the person who served my food was smiling and I don't know why, but his aura was contagious. 

Read more about my experience over at When In Manila. Yup, I started being an active writer for the site again! Writing takes my mind off of a lot of things that's why I decided to be involved again despite my busy schedule. I know I have my blog for that but sometimes, I get bored that I have a tendency to tinker with my theme and HTML code; which in turn prompts me to keep on changing the design! I have to tell myself over and over to not fix something that ain't broke! Splitting my writing time to two sites takes my attention off my theme--at least for now! So off I go to explore the confines of this city so I can share more of my adventures with you guys! Toodles!

Me Love You Long Time
Budget - P120 - 200 / person
02 2469069 | 3PM - 1AM
StrEAT Food Park, 91 Maginhawa, Diliman, Lungsod Quezon
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