Sleepless in Sagada : Kiltepan Viewpoint

Monday, November 02, 2015

This is the last entry for my Sleepless in Sagada series since this is also the last destination we went to. I was thrilled to witness the amazing sunset a lot of people deem to be breath-taking. As popularized by TTCT, I felt that this is the place to renew myself and get rid of all the bad aura I have been carrying. We were supposed to leave our inn at 5AM so we can have a good view of the sea of clouds. I joined a couple of friends the night before for a drinking session. When I got home, I didn't want to sleep anymore because I was scared I won't wake up on time. But because of the weather, I fell fast asleep when I hit the bed. 

Luckily, I woke up and got ready on time. Unfortunately, some of the members in our tour group were still preparing. That's one downside of doing tour packages with people you don't know. This bunch in our group were consistently late all throughout the trip. Our driver/guide would let us know how much time we have in one place and what time we'll be leaving and they're always the cause of delay. Again, if I actually had the time to create my own itinerary, I would. That would give me a lot of free time to go around the places I love and not be bound by time. I was pissed because I was drunk the night before and but I was responsible enough to wake up on time so that we will all have our chance at the splendid Kiltepan sunrise. I was thinking I'll miss my chance because of a bunch of people who obviously doesn't respect other people's time.

We were late for about 15 minutes but it was still dark when we got there. I though, okay good. We still have a good chance of having a nice spot to view the sunrise. When I saw the place, lo and behold, it was packed with tourists! I couldn't get a hold of a good spot to position myself, more so my camera, HUHU! I saw the sea of clouds but I wasn't able to take a lot of photos using my camera. There were just too many people obstructing the view and I couldn't hold my camera up high for too long. I gave up and started taking photos using my phone instead. I was able to take a few good snaps, here, here, here and here, After which, I just surrendered and enjoyed the view instead. 

There were too many people who wanted a good show as well; the view point looked like a scene out of Mall of Asia Arena while Ariana Grande was having her concert. I couldn't see the sun rise out of the sea of clouds. I'm small so I only saw cellphone lights and GoPro sticks. I kept moving from one area to another until I found the perfect spot---to watch, but not take photos. After most of the crowd went back to their tour groups, that's when I was able to take photos of myself. I may not have the sea of clouds as a background, but the light was equally stunning. 

Sagada will be one of the memorable trips I'll surely keep close to my heart. This is the place where I was able to think clearly, this is the place where I realized what matters most and this is the place where I started loving myself again. It resembles my favorite city in a lot of ways. Not only because of the weather, but because of the kindness in everyone. It's a good place to recollect your thoughts and start thinking about your priorities. It's also a place to find yourself. With that, I therefore conclude that my soul searching in Sagada was a huge success. I would love to go back again, hopefully with a personalized itinerary and with the person who also helped me all throughout this ordeal. You guys will be meeting him soon! 

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