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Friday, October 30, 2015

I never knew about The Halal Guys until one of my online friends mentioned how excited he was about the opening. Since the opening, I've seen a lot of friends rave and rant about this certain food stall. Given the mixed reactions, I was curious and wanted to find out for myself what the fuss is all about.  Coincidentally, one of my friends wanted to meet up at Megamall to personally hand out her wedding invitation. Giddy because I finally get to wear a long gown again, haha! We all decided to try The Halal Guys despite the queue. The line might be brutal but we thought, hey, it might be worth a try.


According to Jaime Daez, master franchisee for The Halal Guys Phils., The Halal Guys was started by three Egyptians who migrated to New York. They initially started as cab drivers who decided to open up a Hotdog stand. They eventually got tired of being one of the countless hotdog stands in New York and decided to finally make their own food. They created Halal food, which became a phenomenon in NY. As of today, you can see Halal food carts practically everywhere in NY. They started their franchise operations last year and now have about over 200 locations under development. 


I can't really say a lot about service since the stall is located in a food court setup. You just line up, place your order and get your food. Everything else is practically self-service. I won't elaborate too much on the line since I'm pretty sure you've seen a ton of photos online. The Halal Guys serve platters and sandwiches. The platter includes meat (chicken, gyro beef or both), rice, iceberg lettuce and slices of pita bread. Their sandwiches have the same ingredients wrapped in pita bread.   

I ordered the Gyro and Chicken Combo - Small (P269) and my friend got Gyro and Falafel Combo - Small (P269). I was beyond thrilled to finally have my first bite--of disappointment. The Chicken and Gyro beef were so-so, nothing spectacular. I'm not a food connoisseur in any way so take everything I say with a grain of salt. The white sauce on the other hand was miraculous. Too bad the serving size wasn't enough, you'd have to order another serving of this addicting sauce at P25 if you want to have more. Another thing that blew me away was their hot sauce. The smell was mild so I put a lot on my food. I was happily chewing on my food when it struck me. I could taste a lot of herbs and spices and other things I couldn't put my finger on, but one thing was for sure, this heat will linger. I had to remove some of the hot sauce I put on my food because it was too much. The Halal Guys isn't so bad at all, if not for the queue. If anything, I think their sauces were redeeming factors. Some friends who have been to the original food cart in NY says there is a vast difference regarding the taste of the Chicken and Gyro beef. But I have yet to find out since I'm poor and I don't have money to go to NY, haha. UGH. You can find their full menu here


I will go back. I want to give it another chance. Wow, as if I'm a revered food critic, lol. I'll probably bring more friends next time so I can have a taste of the various dishes they offer. I also want to see their take on sandwiches and maybe have some sides and dessert next time. I'll probably wait for the fuss to be over before I go back again. 

The Halal Guys 
Budget - P200 - P400 / person
02 9414158 | 10AM - 10PM
5/F, Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall
The Halal Guys Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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