Starting Over Again

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Blog

I gave my blog another make over! The recent one I worked on didn't really sit well with me. While it was responsive and detailed, I felt that it didn't really show who I am. I'm also getting rid of articles that make me cringe! I started this as a personal blog, posting details about my life that no one's really interested in. And while I did have loyal readers who stuck with me, I'd like to be more useful by sharing things that are relevant. I have over 500+ entries on the blog and some of the articles I've posted before don't make sense. I end up blurting, "What the hell was I thinking when I posted that?". I'm also deleting a gazillion useless labels! I'm still in the process of revising my past posts. I'm doing it on a per task basis like get rid of the useless labels first, then make sure my photos are all arranged neatly, then re-check my grammar! My god, I don't know how those booboo's got past me when I usually proof read before I post. Anyhoo, I'm not going to bore you with the nitty gritties. I hope the new layout makes reading my posts easier. I've also made commenting more accessible so thengaging with my readers will be painless.

I actually bought a template on Etsy and it's all sorts of pretty! But I didn't code it, I didn't customize it, I DIDN'T CREATE IT. HTML and CSS are things unknown to me before I started blogging, but I'm learning the ropes. Don't get me wrong, I didn't necessarily start from scratch. I used a base theme and worked from there. I think I secretly want to make things harder for me so that enjoying the fruits of my labor would be more pleasurable. I can't explain the feeling but I can't stop looking at it! I keep on refreshing the page and I just stare. Ugh, what's wrong with me. Anyway, I don't have a place for that template anymore so I might give it away. Stay tuned!

On Love

Pretext : This ship has sailed a long time ago. My love life is public to my friends a lot of people because I'm extremely affectionate online and offline. I'm not posting because I owe anyone an explanation. I just want to make sure I bridge the gap and you don't think I'm a slut jumping from one relationship to another, haha. My relationship of 7 years ended last December. It was painful, heartbreaking, extremely difficult and overwhelmingly upsetting. Imagine getting out of your comfort zone and facing this cruel world alone. Then imagine that happening on Christmas and New Year--that time of year when majority of the world is celebrating the holidays while getting fat. I felt like Will Smith in I Am Legend, but without his best friend dog. Which is totally fine because I hate dogs. It was an ugly break up. I will not go into details but I will say that trust is very important in a relationship. I don't even need to write that down since Elite Daily and Thought Catalog makes sure we don't forget. 

Just like any other thing in this world, I believe in the saying, "If you're unhappy--leave." There's nothing happy about leaving something or someone, but there's always a proper way out.That experience taught me that leaving your comfort zone isn't all that bad. You don't have to face this cruel world like Will Smith when you can be Taylor Swift in Bad Blood. Fuck, did I just make a TS reference? Uhm, okay. My point is, there's nothing to worry about when have your squad, your best friends and your family with you. I think I was greatly affected by what happened because I hate change. But now, my perspective on change has changed (lol) significantly. It will always be difficult but I'm glad I'm learning to embrace it; whether at work or in my personal life. I still have trust issues until now but I will eventually get over it. 

With that, I'm closing a chapter of my life and venturing into a new one. I'm a little relieved that I've let that one out. Here's to my revamped blog and a better version of myself. I don't want to say version 2.0 because I'd like to believe every version of myself is always the best that I try to be. Fuck, that's so melodramatic I have to stop. I don't want to see this 2 years from now and end up reverting it to draft, haha! From where I am, there's no way but to move forward. 

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