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Sunday, November 22, 2015

WAAAAAH! I haven't blogged in over a week and I feel guilty! I was supposed to have all this set with queued posts but I was extremely busy a week before taking my vacation hence the absence of posts. Anyhoo, I've been out on vacation for a week and got back to Manila yesterday. This will only be a quick update of my whereabouts, just to let you guys know that I'm still alive! LOL. 

1 | My trip to Cebu finally pushed through! The boyfriend and I were reluctant to go through with it due to the APEC hullabaloo but luckily, we weren't affected! Our flights weren't cancelled and the traffic going back home from NAIA was a breeze! Thank you, universe. 

2 | This is my first out of town trip with this guy! Somehow I can tell, this will be the first of many breathtaking places we'll explore together. He was able to get survive my crazy moments when traveling. And I tell you, I'm extra cranky and bitchy when traveling!

3 | Our boat on the way to the Whaleshark feeding area! The commute from Mactan to Tan-Awan, Oslob was fun! Rode the bus and a habal-habal to get to our destination. 

4 | The main reason we went to Cebu; to watch the gentle giants! This was an out of this world experience. I was really scared to dive at first because I easily forget my swimming skills whenever there's a foreign entity beside me. The whale shark swam right below my feet and I can feel it but the guide told me not move because it will startle the whale shark! More about this on my next post!

5 | This is the view in front of our resort. Amenities and room-wise, this wasn't the best place at the price we agreed upon. But with this view, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

6 | The rest of our Cebu trip in a nutshell, hahaha! After Oslob, we spent most of our time looking for the best places to eat Lechon! The entire trip, I think 80% of the meals we had were Lechon! We even had Lechon at the airport. OMG so good! 

7 | After Cebu, went to Baguio with the boyfriend and his family. It was tiring as we just got back from a wonderful Cebu trip. But I also missed Baguio so much couldn't bear to waste energy sleeping!

8 | The birthday boy and his birthday cake from Vizcos! Took him out on a date after celebrating with his family. Had coffee at Cafe Will. We were supposed to go to La Casa Bianca but they close at 10PM. We finished dinner late because I went batshit crazy at the Outlet store in John Hay, hahaha. 

9 | Concluding one week of vacation with my birthday boy at The Manor in Camp John Hay. Had fun touring my favorite boy in my favorite city! PS You're probably wondering why I'm wearing a sweater and short shorts in cold freaking Baguio?? This used to be my usual get up in college! I find it comfortable until now, haha. 

With all those bullets, still couldn't summarize how happy I am this week. Yes, I may have had a few fights with the boyfriend but nothing a hug couldn't fix. I think taking trips and vacations with your loved one improves your relationsip. They get to see you ta your best...and worst! Glad to have survived this trip despite my apprehensions. I'm recharging for tomorrow's work. I can only imagine the butt load of e-mails I have to go through tomorrow, LOL. Have an awesome Sunday!

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