Sleepless in Sagada : Lake Danum

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The other day I was in a rut because I thought I didn't have anything to blog about anymore. I cooked over three dishes during the weekend so I can share something useful to my readers. I love that I get to post about my 10 Happy Things because it gives a glimpse about my personal life, lol. Not that there's a lack of it in this blog. But whenever I write something, I tend to lean towards things that can also be of help to my readers (if I have any, hehe). 

Because I was too engrossed with my recipes, I almost forgot I haven't finished my Sleepless in Sagada Series, haha! It's been 6 months since I went on that trip and I haven't fully shared all of the places I've been to. So here's to religiously finishing all my backlogged trips and never forgetting that I still have a ton of travel articles to post, hehe. Now, let's resume that Sagada series. 

PS photo vomit of my sister and her boyfriend. Being the third wheel, I felt like they allowed me to tag along so I can take their photos, haha! I didn't complain since this was their trip anyway and I just crashed their awesome twosome getaway. 

Another part of our Sagada Tour was Lake Danum. We were told that it's best to visit the Lake during sunset but it was drizzling when we visited so we didn't really get a chance to see the view. Despite missing the sunset, an awesome landscape still surprised us. The place was breathtaking. I felt like a damsel shooting a movie in Yukon.  

Lake Danum is about 4 kms away from the town center. It is possible to walk all the way to the Lake from the town center but since it was too cold when we came over, we took our tour van instead as it will also save us a lot of time. One not-so-good thing about getting your tours from Travel Agencies is that there's always a time limit to everything. Yes, the itinerary is flexible say the weather is being a bitch but everything is still timed. If I had the time and energy to actually create my own hassle-free itinerary, I would. But as of the moment, I my time is only limited to plug and play tours, sigh. 

On our way back to the town center, we also dropped by a Sagada Weaving Center. It's amazing how much effort and precision goes into creating those detailed and gorgeous prints we see in the market. We sometimes take those fabrics for granted but after seeing how it's done, I don't think I'll ever haggle again if I were to buy one in the future. I've attached a video to show you guys how it's done! 

I'm thinking of incorporating a lot of videos in my upcoming posts especially the ones under Kitchen Chronicles. I'm still experimenting with my camera and a few video editing tools I found online so please don't laugh at my frail attempt, haha! I really want to show you guys how it's done. I also still don't know how to make videos play at HD by default so kindly toggle the controls so you can watch it at optimum quality! Let me know what you think. :)

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