Sleepless in Sagada : Bomod-Ok Falls

Thursday, October 22, 2015

I've mentioned in my previous post that I'm hell-bent in finishing my Sleepless in Sagada series despite the fact that this trip happened during the first quarter of this year, hehe. When we were planning our trip to Sagada, the only thing that we prepared for was the Cave Connection--complete from flashlights to gloves down to the footwear. Sure, the itinerary said that we'll be visiting Bomod-Ok Falls, but I had no idea we had to trek to get there! I don't mind the trek, really. It wasn't that bad  as I've had training when I was in college, but the tour group we got our package from could've told us what type of clothing should be used.

I brought my sturdy boots with me but I didn't want to put on too much weight (my boots are heavy), because I wasn't sure how long the trek was. I wore my Aqua shoes instead because I thought the trek would be muddy, lol. I also wore short shorts because quite frankly, I feel comfortable trekking in shorts. I don't mind the heat, nor the cold (unless it's Pulag) as long as my legs are free. Since I learned from my first-hand experience, I would like to share some tips you can use as guidelines when visiting the big falls.

Tips when visiting Bomod-Ok Falls : 

  • Wear comfortable footwear. The Aqua shoes might seem funny since obviously this isn't the beach, but I was comfortable all throughout. The trail isn't as rough because there's already a path paved along the way. I also wore Aqua shoes for when I wade into the water. 
  • Bring a raincoat. Whether you're visiting during summer or the rainy season, the weather can be unpredictable. It's best to be ready at all times. After all, a raincoat won't slow you down. 
  • Don't forget your trail food! A small pack of nuts, chocolates and raisins is all you need. Anything that you can easily much on during short breaks or even while walking. 
  • Don't forget your water! You will pass by one village on the way to the falls and you can actually buy water there. But to be safe, bring your own. You never know when you'd get thirsty. 
  • Wear an outfit that dries easily. I didn't know when I'll be back so might as well jump into the freezing water! Well, I didn't necessarily dive into the water unlike my sister, hehe. But my clothes were dry right when we were about to take the trek back. 
  • Bring a waterproof case for your devices. If you have an action camera that's water proof, good for you! We brought a water proof camera and a case for our cellphones, in case the weather gets bad. 
  • Don't leave your trash anywhere. When we were trekking, I picked up a lot of candy wrappers, plastic bags, and snack bags left by other tourists. They were thrown into the rice terraces, which is what the locals do for a living! Where are your manners, people?!
  • Be a responsible tourist. Know how to respect the locals, their culture and their personal boundaries. Being a tourist doesn't excuse you of having good manners and undesrstanding a different group's culture. 
  • Have fun! Enjoy the cold breeze, take time to appreciate the breath-taking scenery, mingle with the locals, and get the most out of the experience. 
The experience vividly reminds me of my days as a member of the UP Baguio Mountaineers. There's this incomprehensible feeling of content and pure happiness after a trek, no matter how short it is. It reminds me how simple life is, if only you allow it to be. I hope some of the pointers will be of help to you guys! Let me know if you plan on taking a trip to Sagada anytime soon! 

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