Lips Like Sugar : Make-up Review

Saturday, October 24, 2015

I previously thought adding Beauty into my blog categories would be easy peasy since a lot of Bloggers do it anyway. But after a while, I've come to realize that talking about something I'm not really familiar with is not something I can just wing, hahaha. But, here's to trying! With try being the operative word here. 

The lipsticks I'll be reviewing for today are the one I got as gifts and the ones I got as freebies and were just sent to me and I don't have any idea what to do with them. I'm a stick to one person, not just in relationships but also with the products I use lol, hugot). I've been using the EB Matte collection since they became available in the market. They're cheap, easy to use and works well with my skin color. More about those babies on my next post. For now, these four babies are up!

Believe me when I say I tried really hard to review these products. I even read beauty blogs so I can pick up commonly used adjectives, lol. As a starter, if you have any suggestion on how I can make my beauty reviews better, by all means, put it up in the comments section. 

LA Girl - I didn't like this one. To bring more context, I don't like glossy lipstick at all. Before Matte shades became all the craze here in the Philippines, I would dab a little baby powder on my lips to remove the gloss of whatever it is I was using. The color was also a tad too bright for me. While I've seen a lot of morena's sport bright red lipstick, it just doesn't sit well with me. 

Colour Collection - This one was given by an online seller who asked me to promote her products. Just like LA Girl, I didn't like that it was glossy. The color was also confusing since I couldn't figure out if it was bordering pale pink or pale, no. 

MAC - This shade actually works fine with my skin color. But then again, I didn't like that it was also glossy. I should start telling people that I only accept Matte, hehe. I've used it a couple of times when I ran out of my usual EB Matte and I like how long-lasting it is. It also doesn't dry up my lips unlike LA Girl. 

Etude House - This one has to be my favorite among the four. Aside from the cute aesthetic, I love how the dark contrast of red is right up my alley. Aside from my obsession with Matte lippies, I'm also in love with dark shades. I don't care if I'm going out in the morning, I don't care if it's for afternoon tea, I would always wear dark shades of lipstick. Which is probably why this one is my favorite. I tried my baby powder technique so I can reduce the gloss but it didn't work. :( So now, whenever I wear this one, I just make sure I dab my lips with some paper towel so it's not as glossy. 

I don't know if my review was of any help since I wasn't able to provide the specific shades/numbers, lol! I hope the photos are a bit more helpful. I tried to capture the colors as much as I can with only minor edits in brightness. Please don't laugh at my review! Well, you can laugh but don't show me, hahaha! That's it for now. Back to researching about how to write a beauty review!

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