How To Use Uber On A Desktop

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Did you know that you can actually book an Uber ride from your desktop/laptop? Well, I didn't until recently. I've mentioned on a previous post that I use Uber on a daily basis. I also love talking to my drivers about their encounters regarding the whole new customer experience that Uber provides. One time I was talking to my driver and I mentioned that my phone almost died on me before I even went down because I forgot my phone charger. He then mentioned that if I'm coming from the office, I can actually book my ride using my computer! At first I thought the driver was just messing with me, but when I got home I tried doing what he advised me to and it did work!

Now, aside from making sure that I bring my phone charger all the time, I also am assured of a ride even without my phone! At this age, I'm very forgetful. Must be all the drugs I took when I was younger, LOL KIDDING! Before I begin to incriminate myself any further, let's proceed with the steps you'd have to follow to be able to book a ride using your laptop or desktop!

  1. Go to It's looks exactly like the mobile app! Well, just wider. Hehe
  2. Select your pickup location and make sure the pin is set on the correct location. Sometimes, even with the advancement in technology, even if you input the destination, the pin is not as accurate. Let's all be responsible riders. 
  3. Once you've set your pickup location, just select Request UberX/Uber Black and et voila, wait for your Uber driver to come pick you up. 
See, it's really easy and it would save us a lot of battery. If you're a first time rider, you might want to use my code (Ochib1) to get P200 off on your first ride. If you're using a BPI Credit Card, you can check this promo to get 2 free rides worth up to P500 each. If you're a SMART subscriber, you can enter your phone number here to get 2 free rides worth P300 each. Gosh, that's a lot of free rides for first time users! Head on over to the App Store / Google Playstore to download the Uber app and book your first ride!

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