5 Reasons Why I Love UBER

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I moved to Manila some five or six years ago with delusional thoughts of a greener pasture and an idealistic mindset that I'm ready to take on the world and start building my future. Well all know too well I was wrong. Looking for a job isn't hard. Looking for a job that fulfills your needs and wants as a corporate individual, getting paid the right amount with the skill set that you have and being nurtured as a person and as a professional, that's a different story. Another story would be living close to work and being well within your means to at least live a comfortable (not even a lavish one) lifestyle since you're an independent, working person. That's at least what you deserve, right? I couldn't be more wrong. Apparently, Metro Manila and I are not on the same page. 

When I graduated, I was opposed to the idea of moving to Manila for a job. I love Baguio, as mentioned a gazillion times in this blog. The weather, the people, the pine trees, the honest cab drivers, the economical cost of living, I could go on. But my Mom insisted that I find work closer to home. Home is Pampanga, by the way. Contrary to what most people know, I'm not from Baguio. I did study in Baguio, and fell in love with the place in the process. I declare myself an honorary Cordilleran too. Going back, the daily commute has always been one of my vital problems. I worked in the night shift for a while and that didn't seem to prove much of a difference when it comes to the amount of vehicles traversing the major roads. I always make it a point to live close to work to eradicate the tedious travel to and from work, and also to be able to use my time more wisely. I was quite successful with that, until I moved to Ortigas. 

Ortigas, as my online friends would say, is one of those places where terrible traffic likes to hangout. It takes me about 30mins to 1 hour to get a cab. Not to discount the amount of time I have to allot for travel, which, at its worst, is about one hour. On a good day though, I get to work in 10 to 15 minutes. But the longer you stay in Manila, the sooner you'll realize that you don't get a lot of good days. Which is why I'm thankful for apps like GrabTaxi, EasyTaxi, and my favorite--Uber! Here are some of the reasons why I love Uber. 

1. Convenience

Unlike GrabTaxi and EasyTaxi, Uber gives its passengers a peek on the available vehicles within the vicinity and estimated wait time before you book a ride. The ETA isn't always accurate, hence the term, but it's pretty close to the actual wait time. All of that is easily accessible even before you request for a ride. Booking a ride is also a piece of cake, the UI of the app is very easy to use, even for beginners. 

2. Drivers

I've been using Uber since last year and I've had nothing but good words to say to their drivers. They're polite, respectful, kind and they always ask me which route I want to take. I've had several incidents with cab drivers insisting on a longer route or a route that I'm not familiar with, and that makes me uncomfortable. I've never felt that with Uber drivers. If there is one thing their drivers can improve, they might want to take on more effort in knowing the streets of Metro Manila. I've had drivers who politely ask me for directions, and while doesn't really bother me that much, there are still days where I just want to listen to my music and get home without being interrupted. Overall, I'd still give their drivers the top score. Bonus points for drivers who open the door for their passengers. PS A lot of them are cute too, lol. #landi

3. Cars

Can I just say how clean and fragrant their cars are? I'm not saying all cabs are stinky, maybe just 95% of the ones I've transacted with. Most of the cabs I've boarded smell like something's dead inside! Not to mention all the garbage that most cab drivers don't even bother to clean. I've never experienced that with Uber. Some of the cars I've requested even had treats like candies and cookies! They also have sponsored treats every now and then. Such sweethearts. 

4. Price

A lot would say this is debatable since Uber's surge can reach up to 4x, but if you have a flexible schedule, their pricing would really work for you. Unlike other apps, Uber doesn't have a booking fee. Base fare is at P40 with P2/min and P 5.70/km for succeeding minutes and kilometers. I also love their payment system, which is through the use of a credit card. No need to tip and you get to pay the exact amount. Not like cab drivers who seem to round off your total fare and just forget about the change. Again, works best if you're not in a hurry or if you have a flexible schedule since Uber surge usually happens during rush hour. 

5. Post-Ride Customer Service

Of all the things I mentioned, this is probably the one I appreciate the most about Uber. I remember sending them an email regarding a driver's attitude. It wasn't really a big deal for me, I just wanted to inform them about something I noticed but they quickly investigated the situation and informed me about the action done regarding my comment. After every ride, you also get a quick survey regarding the driver, the car, the route and the overall service you got from the ride. The simple in-app effort makes me feel that Uber does want to hear what I have to say. One thing they can add to their already exceptional customer service would probably a phone number, say, for urgent concerns that really have to be communicated verbally. 

THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. I have a penchant for companies who value their customers. As a frequent passenger, I'd like to give a little back to Uber by spreading the word on how awesome they are. I also want to share my Uber code with you guys! This is not a one-way relationship, just to mention, not like my last one, lol. #hugot My code is ochib1, it's a one-time code you can use when you request for your first Uber ride. You get P100 and I also get P100, that's how relationships should be, two-way, di ba? Lol. 

I know not everyone had pleasant experiences with Uber, especially during their first months, which I think is part of the company's birthing pains since they're fairly new. Everything I posted here are based on my personal experiences with them, which left me more than satisfied when compared to the cab rides that I've had. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate other smarpthone-based ride booking services as well because I use all of them. But for me, Uber is still the best. ❥

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