Food Diary : Sagada Lemon Pie House

Monday, May 18, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you probably know that I recently embarked on a lovely trip to Sagada. It was a couple of months ago so I guess it's not that  recent. I haven't quite gotten around to blogging about the trip because I have over 900 photos to edit and upload and my sister is already bugging me! I'll probably do it in parts so it's not extremely lengthy. Just imagine me trying to fit 900+ worth of photos in one story, oh the horror. Let me start by sharing my food adventures!

While in Sagada, aside from exploring the place, pretending to be a food connoisseur was one of the things I took pleasure in doing. A lot of my friends who have visited the place told me that it's a food haven and that serving size if hefty given the price. My sister and I had a list of places we wanted to visit for breakfast, lunch and dinner but I was too tired from all the trekking we didn't get to visit all of the places on our list. Which, I think, is a good thing though. All the more reason for me to go back to Sagada

The place is charming and very Instagrammable, as netizens would say nowadays. Everything from ordering your food to getting your own water, you have to do yourself. I even got myself my own ashtray, so proud, lol. On our first day in Sagada, we weren't informed that popular restaurants usually run out of food and thus stop serving lunch hereafter. We settled for our inn's food on our first day and we were disappointed because it was pricey and the food was crap. Good thing we were able to make it on time during our 2nd day to try Lemon Pie House. Some of the groups who arrived after us were told they won't be accommodated anymore, sad story. I still don't understand the rationale behind this. If you do, let me know, yes?


We tried their Red Chicken Meal (P150), Vegetarian Meal (120), Chicken Adobo (P120) and Bulalo (I forgot the price). I enjoyed the Red Chicken meal even if the side salad was barely sufficient. At P150 I can say it was well worth-it because it's one chicken quarter and the flavor was awesome. Nothing special with the Vegetarian Meal as it was just Chopseuy, the only thing worth taking note of was how crisp the vegetables were. The Chicken Adobo on the other hand was more than enough, and I also loved the combination of flavors. As for the Bulalo, nothing special too but we enjoyed it nonetheless because the warm soup was perfect for the cold weather. We also tried their Mountain tea, it tasted like Lipton with a lot of milk in it. 

By the way, we also tried their Lemon Pies and I'm sorry but we were extremely disappointed. A lot of my friends told me that I'd enjoy it for sure and that it's a must-try but I didn't. I've tried better Lemon Pies! I also couldn't reconcile the fact that we had to pre-order said pies and pick them up because a lot of people were ordering. All that trouble for sub-standard pies. That's really sad. 


Everything was almost self-service, except for the part where they serve your food. The staff weren't friendly, they weren't annoying as well. Just so-so, I guess. If you're hungry, I don't suggest you go here. Service takes about 30-45 minutes, I think it's because they cook the food as you order. Which can be a good/bad thing. Good thing because you know food is served fresh. On the downside, if you're starving, your big intestines might have consumed your small intestines before they even begin serving the food. 
Given all the not-so-nice things I mentioned about Lemon Pie House, this is still one of the good ones when it comes to serving size and price of food. I'll also share some of the other restaurants that we've tried, but Lemon Pie House is on top of that list. 

By the way, I have to keep a mental note whenever I visit restaurants to keep a photo of their menu so I don't have to pick my brain over meal prices and whatnots, ugh. I'm such a terrible blogger, lol. I'll probably blog about the other restaurants we've tried in the next few days, I'll keep you posted! For now, I'm just trying to get through Monday, not because of the amount of work but because of the f*cking heat! It's giving me a headache. I hope the weather wherever you are is way better than where I am. 

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