Food Diary : Strawberry Cafe

Friday, May 29, 2015

On our first day in Sagada, our guide thought that after a sleepless (bumpy roads, don't ask.) 12-hr drive, our bodies were so ready to go on a hike to Bomod-Ok falls. Don't get me wrong, I used to hike in College, but a little rest would've been apt, amiright? Right? Right? Please say yes because my sedentary lifestyle sure didn't help my legs that day. The trek wasn't difficult, to be honest. I would've preferred a short nap though to recharge myself. 

Anyway, the reason I'm telling about that story is so that you understand how hungry I was after that tiring escapade. The trek was about 2-3 hours in total, and we also had time to swim at the falls. Did I mention it rained for some time while we were trekking? Yeah, good thing we had make-shift rain coats made out of garbage bags, lol. I don't have a photo wearing it because it doesn't necessarily scream photo-op ready. The trek made me weary as I was sleepless during the trip. After a nice, hot bath, all I wanted to do was eat like a Viking. Little did we know that most restaurants close shop at around 9PM. There was also a curfew being implemented so it felt quite lonely walking around looking for a place to eat. Strawberry Cafe wasn't on our list but it was the closest to our inn and thankfully, it was still open. 

Did I mention we were starving? I was a bit disappointed that not everything was available on their menu. But given that we were the last customers for the night, I guess it's understandable. Strawberry Cafe isn't easily visible while strolling the streets. They have a signage that has a big arrow to it pointing to a somewhat scary path (during the night, at least.) going to the restaurant. Now, let's talk food. 


As I referred to earlier, not everything on the menu was available so we had to make do with whatever was left. This was our first time so we were quite excited to see if they have something out of the ordinary to offer. Unfortunately, their menu consisted of your usual lutong-bahay specials. I was expecting more of a Sagada-only type of menu, but I don't even know where I got that, lol. We ordered Baked Chicken with rice and vegetables ((P150), Fried Tilapia with rice and vegetables (P120), Chieken Adobo with rice and vegetables (P120), Strawberry Fruitshake (P60) and Redhorse (P50). In general, everything was okay. Nothing special with the food, but then again something notable was how crispy and fresh the vegetables were even if we were the last customers to be served. The only thing that stood out among the things that we ordered (aside from the beer, lol.) was the Strawberry Fruitshake. It tasted like an explosion of Fresh Strawberries, not too sweet and not too tangy or creamy either. Now that's something you don't get here in Manila. Aside from that, everything was just ordinary. 


Unlike Sagada Lemon Pie House, this place doesn't operate on self-service. I also liked that the staff were particularly polite and friendly. They look very young though, in my own biased opinion. They also have a bonfire beside the seats outside. Too bad they were in the process of putting it out when we arrived since they were about to close. I loved the ambiance of the place, very cozy especially at night. I bet it looks even more lovely with the bonfire. 

I still have a ton of Sagada photos to upload and two more backlogged beach trips to edit. I guess it's true when they say this summer is going to hurt like a mother...nah! This summer's going to be a blast! Hope you're enjoying beach season too!

Strawberry Cafe is located at South Road, Sagada, Mountain Province. 

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