Food Diary : CBTL Breakfast

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Moving to the new work place wasn't easy. I had to forget everything about my previous office (like getting up late and still making it on time) because Ortigas is just a different kind of hell hole. Traffic is difficult to predict any time of the day. I prefer going to work during the afternoon because I hate the daily commute, I don't like wasting my time in a cab just to get to work. I thought I can follow at least that drill once I'm settled, but wait, traffic in Ortigas seems to be worse in the afternoon! I tried going to work in the morning and at night and it's still the same infuriating problem. The only time traffic is not a pain in the arse is during the wee hours of the morning. 

Despite having to deal with the situation, I'm still relieved because we have some pretty awesome breakfast places around the new building. I've always gone to CBTL but not for the food. Whenever Starbucks is jam-packed and I can't seem to enjoy a cup of Joe in peace, I tend to frequent the place for it has a relatively quieter environment than SB. Little did I know that it has more to offer than my usual Pure Vanilla. 

Of all the breakfast meals I've had with them, these are the ones that I eat repeatedly. My ultimate favorite is the first one, Eggs Ben Breakfast Set. It has poached egg on Rosemary Foccaccia bread, sandwiched in turkey ham with cheese and hollandaise sauce. God, it makes my mouth water. The second photo on the other hand is the Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel Breakfast set, which has freshly sliced smoked salmon with cream cheese and onion vinaigrette on top of the cream cheese bagel. Both are served with stewed fruits and brewed coffee. Did you know, the coffee that comes with this breakfast set is refillable until 11AM??? I didn't, until recently. Such a steal, right? The Salmon costs P265 and Eggs Ben is at P245, worth every penny.

This keeps me pumped the whole day! We have free coffee and soda in the office, but who needs that when you've had a power breakfast already? Definitely not me, haha. You may have have noticed by now how I enjoy describing the food I eat, and taking photos while at it. Not to annoy you or make you hungry in any way (this is unintentional), I make it a point to replicate the experience as much as I can so I can be of help should you choose to repeat the experience! See, I have a goal here. Not that anyone's asking or anything, hahaha. 

Okay, I'm talking too much, I didn't think four huge cups of coffee can keep me awake this long. I better go, off to an early start tomorrow. I'm giving ~working out~ another chance, lol. Goodnight!

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  1. that hollandase looks perf! :">

  2. OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT BUN *sand to the tune of you know what*

  3. Why the special characters on working out? You'll do great, luv!

    1. Because we have a special love-hate relationship.

  4. I recentlyu posted a new and super easy hollandaise recipe on my page! Check it out!

  5. Great blog you've got! :) I love CBTL.

  6. Looks great!!! :)