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Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer is close to ending, the beaches will soon be unhappy and I've only had one beach trip this summer—Boracay. Life’s been pretty busy and complicated lately and I’m not really into planning trips. I also only went to the trip because bibi prepared and paid for everything, yay! Do I have to reiterate how lucky I am to have this handsome guy for a boyfriend? Anyhoo, we stayed for over a week and it really drained our his budget. Boracay is such a lovely island but you also have to know your way around the island.

We stayed at Bamboo Beach Resort over at Station 3. The hotel wasn’t really spectacular, it wasn’t bad either. The only thing that annoyed me was that they have Korean diving instructors in the morning doing mini diving tutorials using a megaphone. A megaphone, are you fucking kidding me? At 8 fucking am? But it wasn’t that bad. Of all the days that we stayed there, I was either too hungover to even bother or I was still out drinking so it didn’t really matter. The hotel also had free breakfast, so instead of arguing with the hotel staff, I smothered myself with eggs and bacon. What a life! 

The counter/space where they serve breakfast gives you a breathtaking view of the beach! It’s also not as expensive as Discovery or The Sands, good job bibi! For our daytime activities, we got a package that includes island hopping, snorkelling, ATV rentals and parasailing! We had to divide the activities and we made sure we don’t get all of the strenuous ones in a day. It was windy but the heat would’ve drained our energy anyway.

Since I can’t give you guys information on prices and what not, I’ll try my best to come up with the top 5 tips that’ll be helpful when you visit this paradise.

1Pack light and pack smart.  Not only when you visit Boracay but wherever you plan to go in the near future. Trust me, it helps. We did a lot of walking in Boracay and being the weakling that I am, I had to ask bibi to carry most of my items for me. Same thing also happened in Iloilo when we went to Gigantes. He kept on joking that I shouldn’t upgrade my camera anymore if I can’t afford to carry it around. Bring things that are relevant, try not to bring your closet and shoe rack. I tend to do that most of the time which is why I’m trying to improve by watching this video. Hope this helps!

      2. Buy your basic necessities at D Mall or nearby department/grocery stores.  Because of #1, I was too lazy to walk to D Mall and buy alcohol and smokes. Usual price for my smokes cost around P70-80/pack, the store near the beach charged P120! Can you believe that? I guess that’s the price one has to pay for being lazy!

     3.  If you’re on a budget, buy your own alcohol and drink on the beach! Not sure if this is allowed on all stations, we stayed in Station 3. After several days of partying, we wanted a quiet night so we bought our own drinks and had fun ‘til the wee hours of the morning. 

4.  Bring sunscreen and a scrunchie. I think this is always a given when going to the beach. The sun’s heat feels quite harsh against your skin, it’s also unhealthy. A scrunchie on the other hand comes in handy when it’s too windy and you just need to get that bulk of hair out of your face. It also has several emergency uses, so make sure you keep one all the time. 

5. Have fun! While we were enjoying the island, I saw a lot of people too engrossed playing games on their smart phones or doing something on their tablets but enjoying the beach.  Man, don’t ignore the breathtaking view just because of a game. You can always do that when you go back to the hell hole that is the concrete jungle of Manila. Enjoy the experience while you can/ Boracay may be situated in the Philippines but let’s admit it, this paradise ain’t cheap. 

With the grueling heat, I'd love to go back and enjoy the sunrise while having a delicious mango shake spiked with rum or whiskey, hahaha! But I have to think about how I want to set up my life and really start saving. I haven't been frugal since I stopped working, and I know I should. I've been to several trips and shopping sprees, and that's not wise spending. I'm halfway through the year and I think I can still turn things around! If you have a set goal and you haven't achieved it yet, worry not, you're not alone--we're not alone. And the year is not over yet! I'm about to puke because of all this positivity, I'm not usually like this. I guess this is what happiness does!

Hope you guys enjoy your weekend as I'll be having a great one with my family! Goodnight! 

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