Saving My Money And I'm Hella Happy

Monday, April 21, 2014

It's been 10 days since my last post, and honestly, I'm bothered with a hint of I don't give a fuck. I just spent a whole week at home with my family and it's Easter Sunday so why should I give a flying fuck if I haven't posted in 10 days? Well, I guess it's because this is the only thing I have control of--as of the moment. I hate losing control, and this crisis I am in isn't really helping. After my last post, I still haven't decided where to direct this messy life of mine. I also don't want to talk about it any further because I'm just happy right now. I'm relaxed, well-rested and about to fall asleep beside the boyfriend. but before I do, I'd have to share this mini haul I had a few days ago. 
When I'm stressed, I love impulse shopping. But the boyfriend knows better, he brings me to Saizen, a Japanese store where almost everything is at P88, whenever I feel stressed or sad and it does take care of the impulse. I don't have to buy expensive shoes or dresses just to make the feeling go away. When he's oblivious and doesn't seem to feel that I'm sad/depressed, I force him to go with me so we can buy irrelevant things together. It makes me feel less guilty, you know, spending on things that I don't even need. I hate this habit but I love the feeling after I do it so I really haven't decided if I'm getting rid of it. Hahaha! Anyhoo, on to the haul!

1. 2-piece Gold Elastic Bracelet - At P88, of course it's not made of real gold but it's pretty! And I can take photos of it when I post my #armcandy on Instagram, loljk! I don't really post that but it looked really gorgeous on me. Haha!
2. Sugar Daddy (Caramel-Flavored Lip Balm) - The store had a series of lip balms in several flavors. I don't know if this is legit shit, I don't even know what it's made of but I bought it anyway. At P88, I kept thinking there may be some harmful ingredient in it but I've been using it for some time now and it seems okay--it also smells awesome!
3. Quadrangle Chopsticks - This one is the boyfriend's pick. He told me he liked it better than the circular ones because it helps him grasp food better. The next one is my choice though!
4. Circular Chopsticks - I got a whole set, yay! Bibi and I love eating with chopsticks and we used to hoard them from Japanese restaurants we frequent, how unethical, I know! So I guess this pick isn't really irrelevant. 
5. Fruit/vegetable Peeler - The peeler is not irrelevant as well. I'm good with peeling stuff using a knife but a peeler really gets the work done. I first used it while I was making a salad and peeling has never been such a breeze. I know this isn't a new invention but I'm just so amazed with the wonders a peeler can do. Hahaha Crucify me if it makes you feel better. Hahaha!
Just talking about the things I bought makes me feel better already. I'm also writing this while watching Julie and Julia and it's just full of positive vibes! I've been so happy this week I'm scared the coming week will be hell, hope to cheezus not! Like any other member of the workforce, no matter how happy I am now, I still dread Mondays. But for now, I'll try to savor this moment--cuddling with my bibi while watching a movie and reading a perfectly good book. And yes, I love to multitask. I have really short attention span. Hahaha! Off to bed now. Happy Easter and hope your Monday isn't bad as I think it would be. Goodnight!
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