Merry Christmas, Darling

Thursday, December 26, 2013

My family and I really had a wonderful celebration yesterday. It's the first time in all the years of my existence that my Mom and Dad didn't have to work on Christmas day. We had the whole day to eat, visit relatives, slack off and just have fun. Prior to that, we also had our usual mass before having Noche Buena

I didn't really buy any new clothes for Christmas this year. I decided to wear something light-colored. I've been wearing blacks and reds during the past Christmases that we've had and I thought, I want to look younger than I am this year--hence the playful color. Ha! Whatever that means. Lol. 

I also decided to go Au Naturale this year. Obviosuly, my face has grown quite a lot older this year--probably because of all the stress. I'm trying not to be so harsh with my skin hence the minimal use of makeup and shit. by the way, excuse all the veins in my feet. I was born that way. Lol. 

This year's Christmas may be one of the most quiet Christmas I've had but it's also one of the best because we had the whole day to ourselves. Our family is complete and I'm thinking it'll be harder to do this in the next few years that's why I'm so thankful. I also feel a bit sad for my colleagues who had to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas. I can't bring you tangible things to enjoy but I can bring you love and positivity when I come back next year! I will tell you more about the gifts I received on my next post! For now, let's minimize online time and spend quality time with family and friends!
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