I Got The Eye Of The Tiger

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Err, not really. The attitude of the sloth, most likely. Looking at my last post from Gigantes, it's sad and exhilarating  at the same time to find out that the last update I've had on the blog was over 2 weeks ago. I haven't even had the time to respond to comments, and for that, I apologize. A lot of people sent me messages re: tweaking some of the recipes I posted and I promise I'll respond to everything today! Also, thank you for all the love and queries about the next post, I can feel the love. Sending my hugs and kisses back, booze too if I can. LOL.

Meanwhile in the real world, I'm really enjoying added face time (and no this is not the app) with the people I love. I'm an internet whore and just so you know, it's quite a struggle for me to keep away from it because I heavily rely on the internet for almost everything! Okay, I'm talking too much. That was actually unrelated to the photos I'll be sharing today, but what the hell! 

I look awesome, right? No? Fvck you! What are you still doing here? Loljk. No, seriously, I think I look awesome. And no, you can't contest that because this is my blog and I can say whatever the fvck I want. Thanks to Dan Cipriano for making me extra amazing more than I already am. He's a great photographer and I'm doing this to help him have a breakthrough in the competitive world of photography. But since I'm THAT stunning, you'll never know if he's really good or if you're just overwhelmed by my overflowing appeal. 

Of course I'll wait until the end of this post to tell you that, yes, I know I still have flaws here and there--but I'm not perfect! I'm still getting there, wait for it. LOL. The drastic change in diet coupled with boxing, hoops and Zumba really helped me get back in shape. I still have a lot of toning to do but I won't stop, despite Christmas being over a month away. HUHUHUHU. That will be difficult. But, cheat days weren't invented for nothing, right? Anyhoo, I hope everyone's having a great time enjoying the long weekend because I'm having a blast!

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