Food Diary : Islas de Gigantes

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

If I were guilty of one thing, that'd be ignoring this blog for over two weeks. I won't lie and say I've been busy, in fact, I was just enjoying life and I had to detach myself a bit from the online world. I didn't cook a lot, too. I slept, watched movies and cuddled with the boyfriend. Every now and then I would check the blog for comments and have to urge to post a new entry but the boyfran would hug me away from the laptop, I mean, who can't say no to that? Definitely not me. 

Anyway, this post is a pocontinuation of our trip to Iloilo last September. As I've mentioned in my previous post, Iloilo is indeed a food haven. And upon reaching Islas de Gigantes, it didn't disappoint. 

We reached Gigantes Hideaway Inn around lunch time, perfect to feed our starving tummy monsters. Kuya Joseph was our designated tour guide, he made sure our food was prepared by the time we were settled in. 

According to Kuya Joseph, Scallops is the main product of their island. No wonder there were scallops in every meal that we had. Lol. And just to be clear, I'm not complaining! Scallops are quite expensive in the metro. For lunch we had grilled scallops, humongous  crabs, sweet and sour fish and sizzling scallops! Yummy in the tummy at its finest. 

We wanted to have a quick siesta after lunch for we felt like we were in food coma after everything we ate, but we had an itinerary to follow and we were also excited to tour the islands Kuya Joseph kept on talking about during lunch. If you're planning to visit the group of islands in the near future, I suggest that you allot 5 whole days in the island so that you get to enjoy everything with the luxury of time.

I'll tell you more about the islands of Gigantes on my next post. For now, I'm voiceless, down with the flu and I keep on vomiting so I think I'd better call this a day. Happy Monday! 

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