City of Blinding Lights

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

For those who know me, Baguio being my safe haven doesn't come as a surprise. Even my agents talk to me about the slightest Baguio-related stuff that they know about simply because they know I love the place. After college, I've mad it a point to visit the place once a month if my schedule permits, or every two months. The boyfriend also hails from Baguio so it's not really a hassle, we get to visit family when we go there. 

During the summer, Baguio was the perfect place to be for Manila was starting to become a hell hole or burning citizens. The heat was scorching and one can just wish they were in Baguio, so did we. We then decided to spend a few days of staycation, and the occasional visits to the best food places in Baguio--of course.

Our favorite, Pizza Volante. Bibi has his usual Grilled Pork and I had Shrimp and Tomato Pasta. For dessert, we had the coveted and sinful Choco Vanilla Affair, that gooey, fudgey consistency with Vanilla ice cream on top. Yummmmmm!

For me, a Baguio post always ends in Bokeh. A bokeh may not be the best representation of how beautiful Baguio is but it's the next best thing. Until next time, my city of blinding lights.

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