Baby, It's Cold Outside

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

When in Baguio, I don't know why I choose dresses over jeans, an over-sized top and a beanie. Aside from making it easier for me to pack, it also doesn't add too much weight on my luggage. I hate to be travelling with a heavy bag, I bet you would too.

Before everyone starts transforming into some sort of Fashion Police or someone of that sort, I'll post a photo of an outfit I wore in Baguio some weeks ago. I prefer the feeling of the cold Baguio air against my arms hence the sleeveless dress. I'll also prefer to stick to that reason rather than saying it's fashion over function. (Which it truly is. Lol.)

Can I make excuses? My face looks like a jumbo Siopao with dinosaur teeth because I just woke up, took a bath and put this dress on before the photo was taken. I hope that can justify the horrendous look on my face, but I'm posting it nevertheless because I'm too lazy to remove the photo. Lol.

Anyhoo, hope you're all having a wonderful mid-week. Just wanted to post something because insomnia apparently seemed to be kicking in awfully hard this week. It's 2:35PM and I have work at 8PM, FML.

Nevertheless, Happy Wednesday!

I have been wearing those ballet flats since forever and they're almost at the brink of extinction. Huhu Too bad, I adore this pair too much plus separation anxiety! Someone sponsor me some new flats? Kidding!

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