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Monday, April 22, 2013

I started gaining and maintaining weight some two odd and awful years ago. I wasn't in my best and I must admit, shedding off the extra pounds are grueling! I'm still in the process of doing so, currently following a 7-day diet plan plus I'm also into boxing and jogging. Yay to fitness!

I actually didn't like how I look in photos, or how people would react when they see how big I've grown. Getting fit gave my morale a big boost hence I'm proud to say I'm back and more confident than ever. To celebrate my new found self, here's an outfit post! I'd like to start chronicling my style, my weight and my body change through the years and I won't stop just because I may get fat again in the future. Again, yay to fitness!

The photos were taken by my good friend, Dan. He who always had a knack for photography and shit. Nowadays, I prefer wearing sheer skirts or dresses because of the heat. Gahd, I feel like I'll melt anytime soon. Also, I feel awful looking at my legs when I'm wearing jeans. Lol. That I still have to battle

Any fitness tips for me? Share some and I'd be glad to check 'em out!

 Have a great fit week ahead!

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