I Never Want To Go Away

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Baguio City has always been my safe place. I don't ever regret going there for college, an accidental choice became the best decision I've ever made in High school. The boyfriend lives in Baguio, when we were still in a long-distance relationship, I would make it a point to go there once or twice a month if the budget/time permits. 

Going back to the reality I call Metro Manila + work has always been a burden. I even considered working there because I love the place that much to consider building my career in there. But of course, we got bills to pay, sisters to send to school, etc. I had to turn down Baguio for work and live through hell in Manila for the higher pay grade. But Baguio, as always, is never forgotten. Here's a sneek peek of my trip there 2 months ago!

Looks familiar?
I hate the rain but it looks lovely in this photo.

This set was taken at Zola, when I was in college, it was just a simple resto where we can eat and have coffee and pancakes in the morning. It looks more of a bar than a resto now, especially with the smoke rounding the place but it's bigger and it has a balcony! The boyf loves this set because he said he looks thin. Lol Does he?
Hello, this is me!

Can you guess what this things right here is? It's an aquarium at the boyf's place. I took a photo because it looks like the galaxy or milky way or some astronomical shit we see when we look up the sky at night. It's so pretty!

On a yummier note, when in Baguio, never forget to have coffee! Competition here for coffee is pretty stiff because it's nice to have it wherever because of the weather! Now, the defining factor is the taste and the price, of course. In Volante, you can get 2 refills of brewed coffee for P29, beat that! Well, we're not counting the ones you can buy on the street for P10. Meh.

Banana Cream Pie, nooooom!

We also took photos of Zola's awesomesauce light architecture! One light bulb for this awesome fixture, how creative! I love how Zola's architecture improved, it feels cozier now sans the smoke.

See, in Baguio, everything looks nice. All of my problems seem to go away when I'm there, that's why I like love it there. Until next time, lover.

Where is your comfort zone? Tell me about it!

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