Faithful Friends Who Are Dear To Us

Monday, December 17, 2012

This year hasn't really been good to me. If not for occasional hugs from friends and lovely kisses from the lover, I wouldn't have made it through the year. Work was okay bordering on bad, my family has encountered a lot of changes this year--we're about to face the biggest one yet. We're moving out of our house. It's sad because I have separation anxiety, I cry over the slightest things. Now, imagine this house has been my home for the past 23 yrs and we're moving out. Sigh, I really have to learn the art of moving on. 

On to greater things, this year I have to thank for the friends I've gained. Friends who stayed through the worst and of course, the lover who was there throughout everything. 

Tutchi right here has been my "Amazing Duo", as the office coined it, throughout the year. Apart from being both bulls (Taurus), we both had one heck of a 2012! And in a not-so-good way. She was there through all the rants during those terrible rants. Likewise, I stayed for her. 

Alvin on the other hand did the same thing for both of us! Imagine, two blabbermouths ranting about anything and everything they could under the sun! His sweet and optimistic personality gave us strength when we were on the verge of giving up. That sounds too deep but I can't phrase it any other way.

The lover! I would've died in a heartbeat if not for his support and his never-ending hugs and kisses when I felt depressed. His smile seemed infinite and contagious that it gave me the energy and enthusiasm to go to work everyday. Thank you, love. This blog post is just a teaser. A seperate one will be dedicated for you.

This is Christmas around the office, it looks quite nice and dreamy. I like hailing a cab around Christmas lights, it makes me feel, err, dreamy. Don't we all?

I still have  long list of things and people to be thankful for. Until my next post.

Dan, you're up on the next post!

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