Better Late Than Never

Saturday, December 22, 2012

I know I've posted my initial wish list some weeks ago, and as fickle as my mind can get on the last minute, I had to add more feasible things to my wish list! Why? I know I'm oblivious but I can sense if people are trying to fish for information on things they can get me for Christmas! Lol. You asked for it, you'll definitely get it! This change may not be in time for your Christmas Shopping but isn't January also a nice month for giving gifts? *wink*

  • Remote - For my camera! I was checking Facebook the other day, just before the "end of the world". I wanted to see if I've lived life to the fullest in just in case the Mayans were right and it was my last day on earth. I didn't see a lot of photos. Next year, I want to see myself grow as a person and that involves thorough documentation. I have the gear, I just have to remind myself to use it because I get too lazy and demotivated at times. With the help of a remote, I might just do another failed 365 project. Lol. 
  • Tripod - Because I sold the one I had so I can make a prettier package for my previous camera. I'm not picky when it comes to tripods, the last one I had was from CD-R King and it was quite sturdy. I'm not sure though if it can still hold the weight of my new camera. I'm currently using a D90, using your phone's calculator, calculate if it can hold it Lol. 
  • My own domain - I know it can get quite pricey with the annual maintenance and it will also require a lot of effort since you're already paying for it buuttttt--I really want my own domain. I somehow feel that if I get to have my own domain I can direct this blog to something more fruitful, something more consistent perhaps? I know this is a personal blog and I've declared all over this site that I'll post about anything under the sun, but deep inside, I know a little consistency/theme would help. Say, If I were to continue maintaining it as a personal blog, then I have to learn to customize the fonts I use for photos and make sure they're all the same. I sometimes cringe and tell myself, "What the hell was I thinking when I put this here?".
And there you have it, a justification of the things I want for Christmas. I hope I can email Santa the URL so he knows how important all of them are. 

I haven't started my Christmas Shopping and I officially have 3 days left. This is what I get for not preparing on time. Ugh. Hope you're all prepped up for the upcoming holiday!


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