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Monday, November 19, 2012

I wasn't really into Starbucks before since all I knew were 3 in 1 coffee and my own home-made coffee. It was a big thing though for the BPO industry, I don't really know why but I joined the bandwagon last yr. I couldn't imagine how coffee can come in so many forms, but it did. I had to learn what not to order and what to order the hard way. Imagine having to endure drinking a Grande Iced Tea with the notion that it tastes like the regular iced tea you usually drink at restaurants--I'm warning you, it's doesn't taste anything like it! 

That's just one of my favorite instances. I wanted to order a safe drink, even Iced Tea is not a safe drink at Starbucks. The only thing I like about it aside from their over priced coffee is the annual Christmas planner! I know I'd have to go there several times with limited choices just so I can garner the required amount of stickers, which by the way is so not me, but I do it nevertheless. This year, I did it again!


Since the photos are in monotone, you won't see how green the planner is. I like last year's design better but the coupons for next year are awesome! Also, this year's planner gives you more space for your thoughts, it also somehow acts like your best friend (based on the post-it's inside).

I still have 2 more planners to go, one for the boyf and the sister. That means spending more on over priced coffee. I have to find a way to get back at them! lol.

Did you already get your SB Planner? If so, what color did you get?


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