Don't Need Candles Or Cake

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

This is a long overdue post. The boyf celebrated his birthday last August but I'm only posting this now! Lol. The enthusiasm to say something about the photos is not there anymore. Probably because this is not all about me. I'm so self-centered. Kidding! 

I told the boyf that we have to try a place that we haven't been to yet because it's his birthday, since he picked me up in T. Morato, the closest one that we saw was Johnny Rockets. I was excited because the place was fancy, I actually thought, "Oohh real American food!" I was utterly disappointed.

The food was expensive and it was a handful. We ordered chicken, mini chili dogs and milkshakes. I think we went over a thousand for food that didn't even satisfy our stomachs! I was disappointed at the end of the meal. No amount of editing can also make up for the burnt chicken they served us, which by the way, they also refused to replace because they said it's supposed to be that way. Burnt? So it's really suppose to kill people because of carcinogen, I get it. 

The only thing I liked about it was the Milk Shake, still expensive at P180 but it'll do. I also liked the vibe of the place, it's such a happy, nice diner with expensive food! I'd chose 50s diner any day over Johnny Rockets. 

Since it was the boyf's birthday, he told me not to fret too much because it will just ruin our night. I told him in return that it 'was' already ruined the moment I saw the chicken. Ugh!

Buuut, since the night was all about him, I stopped complaining after that statement and gave him some good 'ol lovin that the bestest boyfriend in the world deserves!

Happy belated birthday to the boyfriend! <3 p="p">

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