This Is Halloween, Everybody Make A Scene

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It was never the tradition of our family to celebrate Halloween. You will find most of the Filipino household, if not all, celebrating Halloween at the cemetery. We stay there for the whole lot of Halloween so we can pray for our dearly departed.

I once thought I could be a Playboy bunny or a whore for Halloween. Of course, my Mom said no. I also wanted to be Maria Ozawa or any porn star for that matter, again, my Mom said no. I know these limitations in our family makes Halloween sound so boring but it really isn't especially when you hear stories about mythical creatures and the (walking) dead. Ghost stories usually make Halloween exciting for people like me who don't get to go to parties. It's more fun especially when the story is being told at midnight and the wind is as cold as hell in the cemetery. Awoooooo!

This year, we had a Spooktacular Halloween party for kids at the office! I was trying to take costume ideas from them, they were all so cute! If it was fun for kids, I couldn't imagine how it will be for adults! I can just imagine the booze, the food and all that shiz. Hopefully next year I get to attend a 'real' Halloween party!

For now, the closest thing I could get into celebrating would be this festive pumpkin donut from Krispy Kreme. I hope you all enjoy the holiday! Happy Halloween!


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