Let's Get Physical!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

For a lazy person like me, staying fit has always been a problem since I started my journey in the corporate world. When I was in High School and College, being petite wasn't an issue at all. No matter how much I ate, I would always have the same weight. Things started to change when I started working. I had 'love handles', my thighs we're becoming wiggly, my tummy was starting to look bloated all the time and worst of all, my arms felt like they were a big bunch of Jell-o attached to my body. Ugh, so irritating.

I started becoming conscious when we went to the beach this summer and I couldn't find the right swimwear because of my bulges. I even considered a one-piece swimsuit just so I can hide my tummy--the horror! So, after realizations over several cups of cream-filled coffee, I decided I need to work out. And yes, that's after gaining more weight with all the whipped cream I consumed while contemplating. 

So, tadaaaaaah! I hate rubber shoes, running shoes, workout shoes or whatever you call them. I have weird, long feet and wearing a footwear that amplifies such doesn't actually help. But seeing this pair of babies at Robinson on sale for almost 70% off made me change my mind! They don't look that bad, yes they make my feet look longer but they're very comfy!

I know owning a pair of shoes that you can use for working out is a meager start but it is a start nevertheless. I'm trying to regularly play badminton but I don't think it's sufficient. I'll probably try running soon but it doesn't help that I don't have a buddy. Like what I said, this is just the start of trying to get fit and getting my old figure back. It's difficult since I'm a lazy person, but hey, a lazy person can try too.

If you can hit me up with tips or simple exercises that I can start with, that'll be great! I'd love to learn from your experiences! :)


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