Another One Bites The Dust : UP Pep Squad Bags 3-peat

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I was trying to scout for tickets as early as 3 weeks ago with hopes of watching the UAAP Cheerdance Competition live, unfortunately, I wasn't aware that scouring for tickets was hell! Until the last minute, which was yesterday, but to no avail, I didn't get any. Yes, there were some available from friends online but at an unexpectedly high and unacceptable price.

I wasn't just hopeful, I was sure that UP Pep Squad would bring home the bacon, I wanted to be there when that happens, too bad scalpers run the world this time of the year.

I was pleased to watch it on television as I saw the stunts and the whole routine on different angles, the only thing I hate about watching it on TV is that sometimes, they give you the wrong and ugly angles. But fair enough since you're just paying for electricity, bottomline is, UP won the 3-peat and just claimed their 8th championship which equates to UST's championships! Booyah! You be the judge, I don't want to mislead or influence you one way or another buuuut I've posted the videos of the Universities who won, tell me what you think!

National University (3rd Place)

NU tried to be fancy pansy by doing a Disney-themed with their Disney-like costumes and glittery panties. Honestly, the only thing I liked about the whole routine were the glittery panties. No offense but IMO, DLSU should've bagged that spot.

Far Eastern University (2nd Place)

While watching the competition, the greatest fear I had was that FEU would triumph over a fall that the Pep Squad had. They were good, coordinated full of energy but the theme was too passe. It was all about the Jungle, they can connect it to being environmentalists and all but it was surely lacking something. Also, they had more dances than stunts which made the fun and WOW factor lesser.

University of the Philippines (Champion!)

Drum roll please, I don't know how to start. I guess I shouldn't? I'll let you speak for yourselves then. Just bits and pieces of information, the theme was freedom and equality thus the shaved hair and the oblation poses every kick and sway. There's also this tweet going around saying they donated their hairs to Cancer victims. If that doesn't show sacrifice and passion, I don't know what would. You have to confirm the information though, I'm not sure about it. But with the moves, the message and the theme, passion and sacrifice will always be there. UP Fight!

Every year, aside from the numerous things that makes me proud to be a UPian, the UAAP CDC gives me that thought all the time that I chose the right University and this is where I belong. 

Thank you UP for making me proud to have survived the State U. 

Too see UE, UST, ADMU and DLSU just go here.


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