Cleaning Out My Closet

Saturday, September 22, 2012

During Moonsoon Habagat, I stayed at home for 2 days for it was not safe to go to work. All those days I could've fixed my room or cleaned it for that matter but I didn't. I was just asleep, tweeting and letting random people inside the house.

After Habagat, that's when I had the urge to fix and just clean everything!

My pile of clothes
This is how messy my clothes are, every time I have to go to work, I have to go through all this mess just to find that top or skirt I'd want to wear. Mind you, these are just my clothes in Manila. I have a separate set of clothes in Pampanga waiting to be sorted. They say your room somehow mirrors how your mind is, if that's the case, I can say this one is a pretty good job!

Removed everything
I removed all my stuff in the closed, I didn't know everything was just dumped in there. Tops, bottoms, socks, belts, undies, scarves, jackets and whatnot. I had to sort them and try to organize them for close to 3 hrs.

Scarves and jackets on top

I can't say I'm a master when it comes to folding clothes, some garments really have complicated designs (excuses!) and my basic knowledge on how to fold clothes just doesn't do it. LOL. But I tried my best and everything was color-coded, and you can't really see that because I edited this photo in monotone.

While at it, I also saw my shoe rack with pairs of shoes not belonging to each other. Just did a little re-arrangement so it'll look nice. 

I need a new shoe rack. 

It felt like Spring cleaning! Only that there's no Spring here in the Philippines, just bipolar Philippine weather. It did help me clear my mind a bit, a cleaner and neater room did help me think about things on a different perspective. I guess your room really mirrors your mind.

Have you done any cleaning lately?


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