Food Diary : Mezza Norte

Monday, August 27, 2012

In my kind of work, things get easily boring. Ciggies, food and coffee keep me up at night. If you're familiar with UP-Ayala Technohub, yup, that's where I work. Just right in front of UP Diliman. And you know what, the food chains can be pretty boring especially if you've been working at the place for 2yrs now. KFC, Reyes BBQ, Mini Stop, Ral's, Pizza Hut, Flapjacks, etc. This may look like a lot of variations including pantry food but believe me it gets tiring in the long run. #firstworldproblems

A different company has their own version of Banchetto and we go there every Friday to put some color into our lives. Imagine my excitement when I saw on Twitter that Mercato is going to be invading my workplace, yes, my workplace! Well, in entirety, it's not just my workplace but yeah. I was pretty excited because that meant a new selection of food to choose from. Knowing Mercato, it will be expensive. I guess that's the price we have to pay just to have some variation. And so we welcome, Mezza Norte!

Seafood Paella
4pcs for P70.
Mezza Norte is pretty much like Banchetto but it's not because it branched out of Mercato. So various food selections which can be pretty expensive too. They have Gelatto for P100-P130 depending on the flavor, they also have Mochi for P70. I only have a few photos for this blog post, when I get around to bringing my camera and it's not raining really hard, I'll snap you guys some awesomely delicious photos.

big-ass sausages
Dadi Berd, one of my favorites!
Dadi Berd is one of things that makes me go back to this hell hole. Even  if I get sweaty trying to run around and find their stall, I will just to get a taste of their Berd. Lol. They call it Angry Berd if it's spicy, how fun! You can get a meal for P110.
Mezza Norte also has a live band and it gets pretty noisy around 10PM or 11PM. They're also open Thursday  -Saturday, 6PM - 3AM. The place can be too crowded even with overflowing chairs and tables so make sure you wear something comfy when you visit the place. Also, since this is an open area, it gets pretty rowdy when it rains so make sure you're covered and you have your umbrella. Have fun and make sure to holler if you drop by!

Have you been to Mezza Norte? How was the experience?


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