A Thousand Miles

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Travelling is one of the things that make me happy and it doesn't actually come for free. If you're street smart, you can get it for a cheaper price but nevertheless still have to pay for it. It doesn't help that I wasn't well-traveled when I was younger because there were 4 kids in the family and it would be unfair to just have one kid go on a vacation. Because of that, I had to make up for the times I wasn't able to travel hence the lengthy list of "Places I have to go to before [Insert year here]".

Since I started earning my own money, which was a good 3 years ago, I began with my list of places to go to. I went to different parts of the country, mostly beaches, to make up for my lack of travel and to immerse myself in different cultures as well. Surprising as it can be, you might be surprised that with my 3 yrs worth of earning, not one single penny has gone to international travel. Yes, you read it right. I haven't been out of the country with my own money because of too many things. First, I keep thinking that I may not have enough money. Second, I'm too scared to travel alone just for the experience. I guess I've watched too many movies to have this kind of thinking, I'm scared of checking in to a Hostel and waking up the next day about to be butchered or murdered.

Aww, just look at all those pretty places. As of this writing, I've consumed most of my savings on nothing. I don't know. This evil called credit card came to my doorstep one day and voila! My savings started disappearing. I know I should've known my cash flow and my expenses but it's done, I've already spent too much.
During the 3rd part of this year, my friend and I vowed to travel outside of the country before 2013 ends. We have to make sure that a part of our 2013 earnings will be dedicated to travelling internationally. I'm thinking of Malaysia or Cambodia.

The photos above are part of my bucket list too. When I'll be going there, I don't really know. Chicago is number one because I really want to go to the US, not just for a vacation but to live the American dream. Stop, don't judge me with what I said there. I'll expound more on that in another blog post.

Our first international stop would be Asia, any suggestions?

*All photos in this post are from Pinterest.


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