Strawberry Fields Forever

Monday, June 25, 2012

Let me share a little secret. After moving here in Manila for work, I stopped all sorts of moisturizing I was doing before. It was too greasy for me to handle, especially body lotions and facial moisturizers. It seemed okay in the beginning since I didn't see any effects, I would moisturize once in a blue moon, say I'd wear a short skirt and my skin would seem really dry. 

After 3 yrs of doing this, my skin started to wrinkle and it looked and felt unhealthy. A couple of months ago, despite the greasy and uneasy feeling it brings, I started moisturizing again. A co-worker had a Human Nature Catalogue so I browsed through it and saw 2 products that I really wanted to try.

I tried the Purifying Facial Scrub and the Healthy Lotion in Berry Bliss. I tried the facial scrub first and I'm not sure if everything is just pure placebo but after washing your face with it, it doesn't really feel as squeaky as the other facial scrubs. Yes, it still does feel clean but not as harsh as the other products. Also, it felt like you're smothering strawberries in your face! The smell is just divine. 

The berry lotion also smelled of sweet mixed berries. Whenever I put some on my body, I feel like I want to lick it after. Lol. I don't mind the grease when I go out because there's nothing I can do with Philippine weather. There sure is something I can do with my moisturizer because even if I sweat a lot, it still smells good.

Also see, both products don't have harmful chemicals in them so I'm not scared even If I moisturize my body every now and then or wash my face every so often. Plus, I got the products for roughly P300 (around $6) which I think is cheap and worth it considering the quality of the product. 

I suggest you guys give it a try, haven't read a lot of review about Human Nature but so far so good. Next on my to-do list is to try their shampoos!

What Human Nature product have you tried? How was it?


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