Salt In The Air, Sand In My Hair

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Let me start by saying this is a long overdue post but something that I need to share anyway. My last hoorah for summer happened some 2-3 weeks ago, see, I've procrastinated a lot since then. The trip took us 7-8 hrs I think because of a series of unfortunate events. If I may enumerate, a tricycle driver hit the rear of the van carrying us, they wouldn't let us go lest we pay them even if it's the tricycle driver's fault. A few hours after that, our rear tire almost blew. Good thing we realized it before it's too late. We got to the resort around 4ish or 5ish instead of the expected time of 1PM. 

We immediately changed into our beach outfits, we wouldn't want to miss the sunset for anything.

Pool Area
And yes, that was our view. The sunset was so pretty. The pool area also looked very posh, they call it the "Color Pool" because at night, the color of the water changed. A novelty that we enjoyed anyway.

Isla Vista
This is where we stayed. It's Isla Vista Beach Resort, it was a pretty place and our room was spacious. It's also 10mins away from Potipot Island and they take care of the boat transfers too for a reasonable price.

This is me.

The boyfriend and I.
After frolicking on the beach for an hour and the pool for the same amount of time, we tidied up so we can have dinner and drinks after. The only thing I didn't like about Isla Vista was the waiting time everytime we ordered food. If it wasn't enough that their serving is not what we expected, they'll make sure your intestines are trying to devour each other before they serve your order. I didn't join my friends for the happy hour for I was too sleepy and tired because of the trip.

OTW to Potipot Island.
This was taken the morning after. We had breakfast and the people who drank too much had to take some time to remove alcohol from their system before we can ride the boat. Look at the sparkling water!

Paparazzi shot!

The Island was very peaceful and serene. It had a lot of big-ass rocks though, but the water was so blue and clean. Once you get to the Island, you will be asked to pay the entrance of P100. I don't know what it was for, we just paid because we were too excited to jump into the water.

I was collecting sea shells while I was on the shore but returned them after taking a photo. Lookie at the penis-shaped shell, lol. Potipot was fun even if the travel time took longer than the time we frolicked on the beach and had fun like we're kids.

I'm not sure if this post is still appropriate since strong winds and harsh rains are devouring the city. I think the beach will always be an appropriate topic whether it's summer or not. I love the beach.

Until next summer.

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