Who Wears These Shoes?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I've been wanting to go on a shopping spree since March but haven't had time and MONEY to do so for I bought a new camera. Even if I sold my old camera I still had to shell out more for the new camera I was lusting for. April and May were a no-no as well because I used up all my funds for the beach trips that I had. I'm also about to upgrade my phone as a belated birthday gift for myself sooooooo, I don't think I'll be spending money for shopping 'til December. LOLOLOL.

Soooooo, since that is the case, let me share you the things I've been lusting for the past few months. These things I can just look at, stare and get dreamy with--but not wear. Oh sad truth.

2. The Highest Heel Women's Eternity - Peep Toe Pump 

3. Steve Madden Women's Rosale Pump 

I bet you're wondering about all the heels in my selection, well, aside from the obvious fact that I need the added height, it also helps me with my posture. I wonder why I always slouch when I don't have the reason to (aka big boobs). Aside from that, (I think) any boyfriend would love to see their girlfriends wearing heels, sexay!

If you have an Amazon account, all of these are in my wish list. If you're kind enough, feel free to buy them for me! Lololol.


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